The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 45.1 — Strange Allies

Ch. 45.1 — After sending birds, squirrels, and other swift animals out to warn the inhabitants of the Tulgey Woods about the coming battle against the trolls, Ezra and Janine met Jay back at the cave. Col used the Illusium spell to hide the dragon from the trolls’ spies, and Ezra and Janine set out on Jay’s back towards the sea.
Their visit to the underwater realm was wondrous but all too short, as Ezra gave the merfolk the news and instructions on how to take Saltonia from the trolls and give it back to the rightful heirs. Janine’s brother, Eric, and Princess Ariel wept with Janine as they hugged and forgave each other of the past errors.
All too soon they flew back over the wooded country. Ezra stared down at the beautiful land that shimmered with soft spring green, and his heart sang. How he loved this land. From this height he could see the many immigration paths of the raths. Janine had told him about her encounter with the strange creatures.
“Jay,” said Janine. “Could you set us down near the place where the raths emerge from hibernation?”
“Are you sure that’s wise?” Ezra said, alarmed.
Jay chuckled and changed course. “This I have to see.”
They landed a safe distance away from the path next to a gently sloping hill. Just as Ezra was sure they were wasting their time, the grass began to bubble like a stew pot.
The raths began to pop out from the holes that opened in the grass. They shook themselves all over, ran in circles, and then began to call out in their deep, mournful voices.
“Jay, I’ll need the smallest one you can reach,” said Janine.
“No problem.”
Their cries grew louder, and soon the largest raths headed out along last fall’s path. The ground shook as thousands of raths began to run. The trees shuddered, and a rumble filled the air.
When there were only a few stragglers left, Jay reached out with two talons and grabbed the smallest rath around the middle so its jaws couldn’t reach him. The creature was only as big as a hamster, and not nearly as cute. It twisted and turned, snapping its deadly jaws, but it couldn’t get free. At last it hung from the dragon’s claws and looked at them.
Then something happened which had never before occurred in the history of Nelsonia or Wonderland. The raths stopped in their path. The forest was silent.
A deep voice spoke from the baby rath – a rumbling voice full of other voices. Ezra shivered, and his hair stood up as he realized that the rath did not speak as an individual creature. Its mind was linked to the others, so that they all thought as a unit.
Ezra watched in amazement as Janine spoke to the rath in its language. They talked back and forth for a few minutes. Ezra listened intently, but he couldn’t discern any meaning, except when Janine gestured to him and Jay, obviously introducing them.
Janine looked up and spoke in English. “Jay, you can let him go now.”
Jay set the rath down, and it scampered after the others. The raths resumed their journey.
Janine turned back to Ezra. “The raths were forced into Nelsonia when the trolls destroyed their nurseries and killed all the raths they found. Each time they’ve shifted migration paths, it was to avoid their enemy. Apparently trolls don’t taste good to them.”
She took a shaky breath. “I don’t know if that was wise or not, but they’re going to come and help us. In return we have to help them regain their home territory and migratory path. And Jay must not hunt them anymore.”
Jay rolled his eyes. “Oh, fine. I’d rather eat sheep anyway.”
Ezra looked at her in admiration. “That was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

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