The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.8 — Jay to the Rescue

Ch. 44.8 – Ezra’s heart pounded as Jay banked and flew low over the huntsmen. Their faces were full of fear as they shouted and pointed upward. A few shot arrows at them, but the barbs just glanced off the dragon’s hide. The horses screamed and bolted.
“Ready?” said Jay.
“Ready.” Fritter reached behind him for the spray nozzle leading from a large metal can strapped to the dragon’s back. As soon as he sprayed the liquid over the huntsmen and their horses, they collapsed, folding like cardboard statues. Soon the entire group was immobile.
“It really does pay to know your poisons,” Fritter said to Janine. They both snickered.
Fritter had explained to Ezra that they would use a liquid made from Circawarra spit, which the animals used to immobilize their victims. The paralysis lasted four hours and was non-lethal. At least it was if the Circawarra didn’t eat you first.
Jay swooped down, picked up both horses and riders, and set them into a couple of enormous baskets that Fritter had strapped to the dragon’s back. Then Jay flew back to the pigs and landed in the meadow. Janine, Ezra, and Fritter slid off and raced over to the pigs.
“They’re alive.” A wave of relief swept through Ezra. “But how?”
Fritter yanked out one of the small arrows which punctured the pig’s skin and sniffed it. “These arrows were coated with Circawarra spit.”
Janine began to yank out all the small arrows, careful not to touch the points. “So someone at the castle has figured out how to use it too. Anyone care to guess who that might be?”
Ezra stared at the pigs in sorrow. “Is that what Zelda used on Eli?”
“No, she used Borogove spit on him,” Janine said.
“It causes the victim to lose his self-will,” Fritter said. “The effects only last twenty-three hours. Then it has to be reapplied. But eventually, if it is ingested too long, the person dies. It is after all, a poison.”
“Is there an antidote?” asked Ezra.
Ezra thought of his brother, trapped and slowly dying, and his fists tightened. “We have to get into the castle as soon as possible.”
Jay sniffed the pigs. “Are you sure these are your brothers? They smell so delicious.”
“I’m sure,” Ezra said firmly.
Jay moaned again. “Just think what I’m missing out on. Ham sandwiches. Crisp fried bacon. Pork loin chops. And what about that delicious pork stir fry you made that one time?”
Janine gritted her teeth. “You’re not helping matters, Jay. Try to think of how we can undo the curse. These boys are not going to be happy when they wake up.”
“Oh, fine. Mutton again.” Jay lifted the pigs into a third basket on his back.
Jay flew them all back to the caves. The pigs were deposited into an empty sheep pen with plenty of fresh straw and clean water. The horses went into the next cave, and the huntsmen were laid on beds in one of the larger sleeping rooms. A guard was placed in front of their locked door.
Then Janine and Ezra prepared to set out to enlist the help of all the creatures in the Tulgey Woods.

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