The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.7 — Three Little Pigs

Ch. 44.7 — For the first time, Janine experienced the wonder of flying as she, Fritter, and Ezra sat on the great dragon’s back, holding tight to a makeshift harness. Wind pushed against her face as they glided over a forest of dark green firs. The clouds in the sky blushed with pink and gold.
The Jubjub birds, who had been briefed on their assignments, flew beside them. “You’re flying at last, little sister! You’re flying!”
Janine grinned and waved as the birds wheeled off to their own destinations. Flying was incredible. If they hadn’t been on a desperate mission, she might have enjoyed it more. She anxiously peered ahead, watching for the Blue Hand. Finally she saw it – a huge formation of five tall pillars of blue rock, coming out from the ground as if making one last grasp at life.
“I see it!” she said. “It really does look like a hand.”
“That’s because it is,” said Jay. “My father, Thomas R. Wokky, helped King Frederick of Nelsonia and his allies in battle against Garull, the troll king who claimed all the land from here to the sea. Using magic, they buried the troll and his armies under an avalanche just after the sun’s morning rays hit and turned them to stone. The hand is all that’s left of Garull. The rest of the trolls were forced to retreat after that.”
Jay flew past the hand and then on to a valley which was clear of trees.
Janine gasped in horror. The huntsmen, riding horses and carrying lances, had encircled the three pigs. Several archers were at work. One of the boars lay motionless on the ground. Even as they watched, the other two pigs collapsed.

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