The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.6 — The Council of War

Ch. 44.6 — “Count me in,” said a new voice. In came a small gnome wearing a cloak and a sword.
“Butterfingers!” Ezra rushed over and gave his friend a hug. “What happened to you?”
“Long story, but I’ve brought some friends.” They grinned at each other.
To Janine’s surprise, a horde of armed gnomes marched into the dining room. At their head was a large gnome wearing armor and a crown. Fritter fell on his face and whimpered.
The king of the gnomes saluted the dragon. “I’ve sent word to the dwarfs. They will meet us at the castle in two days.”
Jay nodded. “And may I say that I have been very pleased with the servant you sent to me.”
Fritter looked up at the dragon in amazement. “You are? I mean… Thank you, Sire!”
“Count us in as well,” said deep, wild voice. In came a stern man. Beside him walked a beautiful woman with long, silver hair. They were followed by a group of fifty men, wearing leather tunics and armed with long knives.
“The werewolves!” Ezra bowed to MacQuire and then to his wife.
“Welcome, sire and lady,” said the dragon. “You honor us all.”
The woman smiled at Janine. “Hello, Janey, it’s been a while.”
Janine ran over and hugged her. “Connie! It’s so good to see you again.”
Connie looked up at Jay. “I’ve contacted my relatives, and they’re coming.”
Then another voice spoke, one that Janine knew well. “I suggest that you enlist the help of the animals who have fled here from Wonderland.”
Felix, who had just reappeared on the table beside Janine, hissed in surprise.
“Old Bob!” Janine marveled at the change in her childhood friend. He still had long white hair, but he was no longer stooped, wrinkled or frail. Bob was straight and muscled, a warrior wearing armor and weapons, his eyes clear and determined. His pointed ears were pierced with rings of silver.
“Three times she has thwarted me, but now her focus in on the castle in Nelsonia, and I was able to get through. I’m here to help, and I’ve brought those who are still loyal to me.” He gestured, and a group of armed fey warriors, both men and women, entered the dining room, followed by a herd of strange creatures.
“She? Do you mean Zelda?” asked Janine.
“No, I mean Xanthara, presently Queen of the Fey — the birth mother of the one you know as Zelda, who gave her daughter a magical birthright.”
Old Bob walked over to Felix and studied him. “My brother’s power over you has weakened.”
The cat’s tail twitched. “Yes, well, I had a little help from a certain dragon.”
“You have been fighting the curse. Are you willing to continue to be brave, even though it may cost you your future?”
Felix stared back at him for a long moment, trembling. Then he sneezed and bowed before the warrior. “I am.”
“Well met.” There was respect in the warrior’s voice.
Felix turned to Ezra. “I hate to interrupt this council, but the huntsmen are closing in on your brothers.”
Jay stood up. “Well, what are we waiting for? Ezra, Janine, and Fritter – you’re with me. Col, you’re in charge until we get back.”

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