The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.5 — Time to Wake Up

CH. 44.5 — In spite of the serious circumstances, Ezra couldn’t help whistling as he helped Janine with the recipe. He was awake, and he’d never felt better. He especially liked the way Janine blushed when she glanced at him.
When measured, the salty liquid in the vial equaled the four tablespoons they needed to make one batch. They put the remedy in an enormous spray bottle and squirted the blue liquid all over the dragon. For a few minutes nothing happened. Then a wave of color ran down the dragon, from his head to his feet.
Jay shook his head and roared. “Where is she? Just wait till I get my claws on her.”
“Hold on there, Jay dear,” Janine said. “We need everyone awake first.” She explained what had happened. “I need your tears.”
Jay looked down at Felix, who sat in front of Janine with his tail curled around his feet. The cat nodded. The dragon smiled. “Well, let’s make another batch, shall we?”
Jay then turned his attention to Ezra. “So you’re the prince who’s been keeping my favorite storyteller preoccupied for months.”
Ezra folded his arms and stared back, showing no fear. “And you’re the one who scarred me for life.”
Tense silence filled the hallway. Ezra waited as the dragon processed.
Then the mighty dragon huffed and bowed his head. “I apologize. It wasn’t one of my best days. Will you forgive me?” He held out a claw, and Ezra solemnly shook it.
“No hard feelings. A lot of good came of it, and I received the best of care from you and your friends. Now, let’s get everyone thawed out. We have a war to win.”
When Fritter came back to life, he collapsed to the floor, panting. Janine helped him sit up and kissed his cheek. “Dear Fritter, you’re alive.”
When Ezra’s bodyguard was unthawed, he gaped at Ezra for a moment, then burst into tears and fell to his knees before him. “I’m so sorry, Sire. I wasn’t there for you. Can you ever forgive me?”
Ezra took him by the hand, pulled him to his feet, and hugged him. “There, there, Franklin. All is well. You’ll have plenty of chances to defend me in the coming days.”
It wasn’t long before each of the people and animals in the caves had been doused with blue liquid and were back to normal. Everyone gathered in the dining room, and Fritter dashed back and forth from the kitchen, serving everyone a hasty lunch. The air was filled with the babble of overlapping conversations as they discussed what had happened.
“We need a plan,” Col said to Ezra. “We have the element of surprise on our side right now. Zelda thinks we’re all dead. We need to warn the people and animals from the four kingdoms and gather an army.”
“I’ll ask the Jub-Jub birds to carry messages to all the neighboring kingdoms,” said Janine. “The animals and birds can spread the word through all the Tulgey Woods.”
“I’ll warn the merfolk,” said Ezra. “I have the ability to get into their kingdom safely.”
Fritter hurried over to Ezra, carrying a sheathed sword. “This is yours, Prince Ezra. Guard it well.”
Ezra looked down at the vorpal blade and almost laughed. This weapon had caused so much trouble. Hopefully it would now be a help to him. He buckled the sword belt about his hips. “Thanks. I think.”
Then Jay banged his fist on the great table. “Quiet!”
Everyone stopped talking and turned to him.
The dragon’s eyes gleamed. “It’s time to hold a council of war.”
Janine gasped. “Jay? Does this mean you’re coming out of retirement to save the day?”
Jay slowly stood, reaching up until his head neared the ceiling of the cave. He roared, sending out a flame that lit up the room. A new fire glowed in his eyes. “Jay B. R. Wokky is back.”
Everyone cheered.

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