The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.4 — A Promise to the Dragon

Ch. 44.4 – For a few moments the dragon said nothing. “Why should I believe you?”
Felix spoke through his agony. “I’ve seen them: the sweetest little girl who thinks you are a hero. A prince who will become one of your dearest friends. A gnome who loves and admires you. A wizard and a witch who care about you and want to help.”
With every word he spoke, Felix felt the thorns digging deeper. He wasn’t supposed to help anyone freely. He was supposed to obey. He was supposed to trade for what he needed and walk alone his entire life. That was his curse. Changing from boy to cockroach to cat hadn’t changed his doom. Blood began to dampen his fur.
As the vines tightened, he felt the eyes of his master turn and look on him, and Felix whimpered in pain and fear. Soon he would be silenced for good. “I know where a female dragon egg is hidden.”
“Is that so?” said Jay softly. For the first time there was a note of hope in his voice.
Suddenly, the dragon lifted his head and shot a flame of fire into the air. Felix heard a silent scream, and the pain which had been steadily increasing vanished. The vines crumpled and fell as dust to the ground. Felix hung limp in the dragon’s talons, panting for air.
“These are my caves, and I don’t like intruders. Your master is one nasty customer. Pew. That stuff stinks.”
“Thank you.” Felix knew he hadn’t seen the last of his master, but at least for now he had a reprieve.
“So, do you really know where an egg is hidden? A female egg?”
“I do. And if you let me take these tears, you will allow your future self to defeat the trolls, and then I’ll be able to help you obtain it.”
“Why not just tell me now?”
“I can’t.”
“Can’t or won’t?”
“Can’t. Please. I promise I will help your future self.”
“An egg. A queen at my side. Did you happen to see any children?”
“Yes!” Felix gasped. “Four cute little dragonets, playing happily by your side.”
The dragon’s eyes glowed. “That is something to look forward to. Very well, enchanted boy. I will allow you to pass this once with that vial of my tears. And don’t think I won’t remember your promise.”
“Of course, Sir Dragon.”
Jay uncurled his claws, and Felix shook himself a little. As he held the vial firmly between his claws, Felix took a deep breath, concentrated on when he needed to go, and vanished.

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