The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 44.3 — Felix is Very Brave

Ch. 44.3 — Felix hardly dared to breathe as he hung in the ether, watching the dragon. The brute had curled up on his treasure, his heart full of misery as tears dripped from his eyes. Why couldn’t Jay see what hung in the balance? Dragons were supposed to be wise. Ha.
Felix’s heart pounded. Of all the dangerous things he had done lately, this was the most dangerous of all, the most likely to get himself killed. Felix’s master didn’t really care what he did as long as he came when bidden and carried out his orders, but he had to obey the constraints of the curse. Above all, he wasn’t supposed to get attached to humans. His master wouldn’t ignore this infraction. Felix bit back a moan of terror.
Felix gathered his courage and appeared in the treasury. He crept over to where the dragon’s tears splashed down on the gold coins. Felix reached out and put an empty vial under the steady drip. When the vial was full, he stoppered it.
He was about to vanish when huge talons encircled him, grabbing him close. Felix tried over and over, but he couldn’t make himself vanish. He held very still and looked up through the claws at the dragon’s enormous eye.
“Well, well, what have we here? A thief. And not just an ordinary robber, but a Fey who is after my tears. Let me see, how much would they be worth on the black market in some future time? A cure for all ailments. My, that would attract a lot of attention. And they’d make you a tidy sum too. Or perhaps it’s for your master.”
Felix panted in fear. “Sir Dragon, if you would let me explain. I wasn’t exactly stealing them. I need them to cure someone very important. And my master will be very angry when he finds out. I have broken dozens of rules already.” Felix whimpered. The punishment would be very great.
“Oh? And who is this someone whom you seek to cure? Are you sure the world wouldn’t be better off if he just died? There is a balance that must be kept, you know.”
The cat trembled. Could he get the words out before the curse stopped him? “You!” he shouted. “It’s you. You’re going to be frozen by a spell from a troll, and if you don’t come back to life, the trolls will destroy the four kingdoms.”
For a moment the dragon mulled over his words. “Ah, well, perhaps it’s time. The circle of life and all that.”
A black smoke began to gather around Felix, curling like vines, hardening, and sending out spiked thorns which bit deeply into his sides as it tightened around him.
Felix tried to ignore the pain that steadily increased. “And what about your friends who love you?”
The dragon laughed bitterly. “I have no friends or family. I am the last dragon.”
“But you will.”

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