The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 43.2 — Preparing for the Play

CH 43.2 – After running farther than Eli thought humanly possible, they emerged from the tunnel. Eli squinted and blinked his eyes in the warm morning sunshine. Birds sang around them as water dripped from the branches of the trees. The spires of the castle poked up just beyond a copse of trees and the hill to the south. Eli was surprised how close they were. They stumbled through the slushy snow until they came to a small cottage surrounded by trees. Once inside, Zelda ordered them to build a fire, collect water and snow, and heat the melted water on the stove.
They took turns bathing in a metal tub behind a screen. Eli watched himself dress in his own finely made clothing and wondered where Zelda had obtained them. When his boots were on his feet, he stood quietly, waiting her next command.
Mole now wore a long, plain gray dress. Her tangled blonde hair had been shaved off and one of Zelda’s potions had caused it to grow back in a dark chestnut. She was so thin! How had she survived all these years?
When Mole reached for the filthy animal skin she had been wearing, Zelda cursed and threw it into the fire. Mole opened her mouth in a silent scream. The animal skin popped and sizzled in the flames. A curious green light surrounded it for a moment, and then dissipated. Mole collapsed on the floor, tears streaming from her eyes.
Zelda kicked her. “Stop your sniveling and stand up. From now on, you will dress and behave like a proper lady’s maid. Your name is Molly. You are my servant from Saltonia – a simple, mute girl who will promptly obey my every wish. If you comply, you may live another year.”
Mole – now Molly — nodded as she stood up. She kept her eyes averted.
Eli raged inside, but he could do nothing. Zelda turned to him and smiled.
“Prince Eli, we met in the forest and fell instantly in love. We traveled to the dragon’s cave and discovered they were all dead. We’d come too late.” Her eyes gleamed. “You are hopelessly in love with me, and you wish to marry me immediately. You think I am the most beautiful, wonderful woman you’ve ever seen. You see me as human, only human.”
He wanted to barf. Instead, Eli took her hand and kissed it. “My beautiful lady, the stars fall at your feet.”
Zelda grinned. “Much better. Now, just a few more items before we go to the castle. Those Jubjub birds are a menace to the kingdom. You will order your men to shoot them on sight. Next, you will send a hunting party into the western part of the Tulgey Wood. You wish to eat fresh roast pork at the celebration feast tonight.”
Inside, Eli moaned, but his body just bowed quietly. “It shall be as you wish.”

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