The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 43.1 — Felix to the Rescue

CH.43.1 — Janine lay on the stone floor, staring up at the ceiling of the dragon’s cave. No matter how hard she fought the Grabbery vines, she couldn’t free herself. Without the fire, the hallway was frigid. Frost covered the walls of the silent cave. At first she shivered, and then gradually, she became numb. The scent of lilies faded, replaced by a nasty odor that made her gag. As time crept by, there wasn’t a sound in all of the dragon’s caves. Her breath puffed out in a white cloud.
Janine began to weep. If only there was someone she could call on for help. How had she thought that she could win against Zelda?
Then a thought occurred to her. She stopped crying. “Felix?”
The tabby cat appeared beside her head. “You rang?”
Janine had never been so glad to see anyone in her life. “Felix, can you get me out of these vines?”
The cat sniffed at the bonds that held her immobile. “Grabberry vines. Houston, we have a problem.”
“Who’s Houston?”
“Never mind. I watch too much T.V.”
The cat sighed. “Something that won’t be invented for many hundreds of years. What will you give me in exchange for my help?”
Janine was too cold to think. “What do you want?”
Felix’s whiskers drooped. “No one has ever asked that before.” He thought for a moment. “I want to go home.”
Janine thought back on everything she knew about Felix. He had been changed into a cockroach and banned by those who should have loved him. He had unique powers, but he had no home or family. Felix was a lonely soul who was doing the best he could under the circumstances. Her heart went out to him. “Where is home? Back in Saltonia with Old Bob? Or with the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland?”
The cat struggled to speak. When he couldn’t, he yowled in frustration. “I am bound by a curse.”
“I figured that out a while ago. You can’t reveal anything that matters, and you can only help someone if they give something in exchange.”
“Close enough.”
“Felix, I promise that somehow I’ll find a way to help you get home.”
“I’ll be right back, Princess. Don’t go anywhere.” The cat grinned and vanished.

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