The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 42.5 — Eli’s Last Wish

Ch 42.5 – Zelda sneered at Eli. “Does it matter? Since the day she was stolen away, her name has been Mole.” She continued to search her bag.
Eli was furious. He leaped to his feet and tackled Zelda, sending her sprawling and the glowing ball rolling down the passageway. With his hands bound, he could only pound on her. All too soon, Zelda forced him to the ground and beat him until his head spun.
Eli lay panting on the cold stone while blood ran out his nose. He tried not to moan aloud. He cracked his eyes open. Mole sat against the tunnel wall with her arms around her knees, rocking back and forth. The pixie ball glowed with a feeble green light that made Zelda look ghoulish as she ground something in a mortar with a pestle. She added a little water and mixed some more.
Zelda spoke in a quiet, furious voice. “You’ll pay for that rebellion, scum. I’m going to enjoy making your short life miserable.”
Eli didn’t want to die. He didn’t want to commit atrocities while under Zelda’s control.
He had been gifted with three wishes. The first one he’d wasted by changing a cockroach into a cat. The second one he’d used to save Old Bob’s life. Eli had one wish left. Could he use it to kill Zelda or destroy the trolls? Yet even as he thought about it, he knew his name day gift could only be used for good.
Eli stared at Mole’s sad face. Pity filled his heart. He might not be able to free himself or save the kingdom, but he could do something for the poor girl.
As Zelda muttered and mixed, Ezra whispered to Mole, “I wish your tongue was restored.”
For a moment nothing changed. Then Mole looked at him with wide eyes. Eli shook his head. “Shh.”
Mole went back to rocking, but now and then she darted a glance at him. For the first time something like hope was in her eyes. Eli’s heart warmed.

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