The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 42.4 — The Truth about Mole

CH 42.4 — They ran for another hour. Without warning Zelda sat down. Eli and the girl collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. Zelda began to rummage through her knapsack. She took out a ball and shook it. “Wake up, bug face. I need some light.” From within the ball, a faint glow revealed a pixie who bared her teeth and screamed at Zelda as she pounded the sides of her prison. The ball muted all sound within it. Eli felt sorry for the pixie. He had no love for the fey, but to imprison one like this was inhumane. They needed air, light, and space to move.
“He thinks he’s so great,” Zelda muttered. “We’ll see who’s the favorite when the king gets here.”
Meanwhile Eli caught the girl staring at him. “Hey. I’m Eli. Is Mole your real name? Where are you from?”
Mole didn’t answer. Her fingers stroked the animal skin she wore, as if she was petting a beloved animal.
Eli was desperate. Any moment now, Zelda would give him the poison and send him into zombie land again. He leaned towards her. “Mole, please talk to me.”
Zelda hit him across the face, sending him flying across the tunnel. He hit the opposite wall with a thud, and gasped with pain. “I forbid you to speak to her.”
Head ringing, Eli struggled to sit up. “And what’s to prevent her from speaking with me?”
Zelda gestured at Mole. “Show him.”
Mole opened her mouth. To Ezra’s horror, she had no tongue. Mole closed her mouth and sat on the floor, still stroking the animal skin. Her face held no expression, as if all hope had been beaten out of her long ago.
Furious, Eli turned to Zelda. “How could you do this to her?”
Zelda snorted. “Well I didn’t do it personally, did I? I’ve lived in the Saltonia castle most of my life. Don’t blame me for her troubles. She probably talked back to the guards. Or perhaps she sang too much. They say she used to have a beautiful voice. Princesses are such a lot of trouble.”
Eli looked at Mole and then at Zelda. He sank to the floor as the truth hit him. The two girls had the same shaped face, the same eyes. But the real princess was so thin, so broken. This was the girl he should have married. Overwhelming sadness swept over him. “She’s the real Zelda Mary, isn’t she?”

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