The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 42.3 — Mole

Ch 42.3 — Zelda curtsied to the troll prince. “Of course, Sire. And by the way, I require a maid servant.”
“What happened to the last one?”
“She met with an unfortunate accident. But she was delicious.” Zelda giggled.
Horror swept through Eli.
The troll prince grabbed Zelda by the collar, yanked her off her feet, and pulled her up until she was inches from his face. “Fool. You’re supposed to be pretending to be human. Instead you leave a trail of bodies all over Nelsonia.”
Zelda didn’t even blink. “I assure you, I have been discrete.”
Prince Warkam snorted. He dropped her and prodded Eli with a dirty finger. “And what if this one warns his family?”
“You doubt my potions? Don’t worry about him. Besides, most of his family is dead, and the rest will soon follow. Now, about that servant.”
Eli’s heart sank. Who was dead, he wanted to shout. Instead he stood still — bruised, sore, and exhausted. The ropes on his wrists cut into his skin.
Prince Warkam gestured around the cave. “We’re a little busy here, just in case you hadn’t noticed.”
Eli looked out over the crowd. Now he realized that most of the workers were not trolls. They were of many races — gnomes, elves, humans, and even fey — chained, filthy, and wearing ragged clothing. All were bent to their work while trolls with whips and clubs walked behind them. The prisoners pounded steadily at the rock with pick axes, and then loaded the stone into carts pulled by donkeys and small horses. The poor creatures’ ribs stuck out. Their heads hung down and they breathed heavily as they strained against their loads. How many of them were really humans, changed with magic? Eli’s heart wept for them all.
“There’s got to be someone you can spare.” Zelda looked out over the cave. “What about Mole?”
Prince Warkam bared his long teeth. “The king has plans for her. If you eat her, he will not be happy.”
Zelda pouted. “Fine, fine. I won’t eat her. There’s always Prince Matthew’s wife.”
Eli looked up and sucked in a breath. Ella and her son had been hidden away when things started going wrong. Had Zelda found them too? Eli groaned.
Warkam noticed and let out a great laugh. Then he turned and bellowed, “Bump! Bring Mole. Now!”
After a few minutes, a medium sized troll wearing armor trotted up to them, half dragging a skinny human girl. Eli stared at her.
Mole’s long hair was hopelessly matted and tangled. Grime covered her face, arms, and legs. A shapeless tunic made from a pelt of brown fur hung from her bony shoulders. Mole’s face was expressionless, her eyes dull. Eli was sure he’d never seen her before, yet there was something familiar about her.
“Your slave, Highness.” Bump threw the girl to the floor before the troll prince. She knelt where she had landed, her eyes trained on the floor.
Zelda shrieked. “You’ve been working her in the tunnels? I’ll never get her into the castle looking like that.”
Warkam shrugged. “That’s not my problem. You have three days to get everything into place.”
Zelda muttered angrily, but she bowed. “Yes, Highness. All will be ready when you and your army arrive.”
“It had better be, or I shall enjoy ripping your head from your body.” Warkam kicked Eli. “Take your vermin and go.”
Zelda snarled, but she bowed to him. Then she grabbed both humans by the arms and dragged them into a small, dark side tunnel.

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