The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 42.2 — The Mountain Prince

Ch. 42.2 – Eli hung from Zelda’s back, dizzy and nauseated. The stench in the cave slid into his nostrils like thick mucus. He gagged. After the bone-deep cold, the heat from the roaring fires was almost unbearable. All around him were the sounds of hammering and pounding on stone, cracking of whips, harsh commands and cries of despair.
Eli turned his head and watched as several enormous trolls approached Zelda. All were armed with clubs and daggers. Their green skin glistened with sweat.
“Ho, Zelda, what an ugly costume you’re wearing,” said one of the trolls.
“Where have you been?” said another. “We thought you’d drowned or something.” The troll laughed, exposing sharp, jagged teeth.
One of them sniffed at Eli. “You’ve brought us a snack.” He smacked his lips and then reached for Eli.
Eli shuddered.
Zelda slapped his hand away. “Back off, oaf. He’s mine. Where’s Warkam?”
“That’s Prince Warkam to you.”
Zelda growled something under her breath.
The troll pointed to the left, and Zelda ran through the crowds. Then she stopped and dumped Eli on the ground. He moaned and tried to rub the feeling back into his legs.
When Zelda knelt on one knee, Eli looked up and saw a gigantic blue troll. He wore leather armor encrusted with metal rings, and he was armed with a large sword strapped to his back, and a club and daggers at his sides.
Zelda stood up again. “Highness, everything proceeds according to plan.”
The troll’s voice was deep and harsh. “You were supposed to be here a week ago.”
“I had to take care of a few details. This is my betrothed, Eli, Prince of Nelsonia.” She grabbed Eli by the hair and hauled him to his feet. Eli gasped in pain.
The troll prince regarded her with cold red eyes. “Take the human to the castle. Play your part well, and my father will reward you as promised.”

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