The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 42.1 — Under the Mountain

CH. 42.1 – Eli was a prisoner in his own body, unable to do anything but obey as Zelda led him down the mountain trail, wading through deep, soft snow. He was soon wet and shivering with cold. His teeth chattered. When he stumbled on a root sticking up through the snow and would have fallen, Zelda jerked him back upright.
“Idiot,” she hissed. “But it wouldn’t do to have you freeze to death before we get to the castle.” She wrapped him in her cloak and slung him onto her back.
Zelda came to a sheer rock face. She dumped Eli in the snow and then ran her hands across the dark gray surface. “Where is it?” she muttered. “Ah ha.” She pushed on a small indentation. With a groan the slab of stone moved inward, revealing a passage. A gust of foul air belched outward. Eli gagged.
Zelda picked him up and carried him inside. The door closed behind them with a terrible finality. Zelda hurried along as though she had traveled these tunnels all her life. Eli’s eyes and head hurt from straining to see something — anything in the blackness. Stars and whirling lights he knew weren’t there danced before him. Down they went, always down. As the hours passed endlessly on, Zelda showed no sign of slowing. Eli became numb and drifted into sleep.
He awoke to find her slapping his face. “Don’t you dare die on me.” She forced his mouth open and poured in something nasty.
Eli gagged and choked, but some of the liquid went down. Fire burned through his body, warming him. For the first time since he had been caught in her spell, his head was clear. He tried to move, but his hands were tied.
“Eat.” She shoved something into his mouth. It was squishy, bloody, and tasted foul.
Ezra spit it out. “What is it?”
“What difference does it make? It will keep you alive.” She thrust the meat back into his mouth.
Eli forced himself to chew and swallow. He didn’t recognize the flavor, but he had a terrible feeling about it. After another drink of the awful stuff in her flask, some of his strength returned.
Somewhere nearby, water dripped. From farther away came the sounds of hammering and stomping. “Where are we?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Anger surged through him. “I have a right to know.”
Zelda’s long fingered hands closed around his neck and tightened. “You have no rights. In another hour, I can give you a second dose, and you will be mine to command once again. I shall take great pleasure in destroying your pathetic little life.”
“Why?” Eli said hoarsely.
Her laugh was ugly. “You humans think you’re so smart. You’ll soon find out how stupid and weak you all are.”
She seized him and threw him across her back again. Eli had been in plenty of tunnels and secret passages in the castle and other places, but always with a lantern and under his own power. This journey was terrible. Her words, “you humans” ran ceaselessly through his mind. What did she mean? What exactly was Zelda? Who was she in league with?
Time crawled by. The feeling was back in his hands and feet, which were stiff with pain. At first Eli thought he was imagining the light ahead. Or perhaps they were finally coming outside again. The thudding and pounding and hammering grew steadily louder. Then they came out of the tunnel into a large, well-lit cave.
Eli turned his head and looked around. The cave was filled with enormous green or blue creatures. His heart sank. “Trolls.”
Zelda laughed.

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