The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 41.7 — Trapped

CH. 41.7 — Janine cried out in anguish. “You can’t do this.”
Zelda sneered. “And who’s going to stop me?”
Janine strained against the Grabberry Vines. “I am.”
“You? Think again, little sister. Grabberry vines do not release their victims. As the plant grows, you will be slowly digested.”
Janine knew it was true. Her heart sank, but she refused to let Zelda see her despair. “I have friends.”
“Your friends are all dead.” She tutted. “Now, think about it: if by some miracle you get free and go to the castle in a vain effort to rescue the prince, everyone will see you. They’ll shrink back in revulsion at the sight of your face. They’ll scream in horror at your dripping wounds.”
Janine gritted her teeth. She knew she was doomed. A wound from a Grabberry Vine in its third stage was infectious to all who came near her.
She kept on struggling.
Zelda frowned. “Such determination. What if by some chance she gets loose? He likes the details taken care of.”
She walked over to Eli. “My darling, you love me. You would do anything for me.”
“Yes, my lady.” Eli spoke in a wooden voice.
“You will take up your sword and kill Janine.”
The prince walked stiffly to his sword, bent over, and picked it up. No emotion showed in his face.
“No!” Janine screamed. “Eli, don’t do it.”
The prince raised his sword. Janine tensed, held her breath, and waited for her life to end.
The sword descended. Instead of slicing into Janine, it slid away from her, as if she were encased in an invisible bubble. Again Eli tried to kill her. Again he failed. His face remained expressionless.
“Stop,” Zelda said. “I don’t understand.”
She took Eli’s sword and stabbed downward. The sword slid away from Janine. No matter what angle she tried, Zelda could not kill Janine.
Janine looked up at her sister and began to laugh.
Zelda cursed and threw the sword at the wall. It went in up to its hilt. Janine stopped laughing.
Zelda studied Janine with narrowed eyes, and then she shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. There’s always more than one way to die. If you manage to escape the vines, you will be killed by the bandersnatches, which have been commanded to kill and eat all humans.”
Zelda pulled the sword from the wall with ease. She put Eli’s red hood up over his head and took his hand. “Come, my tasty dumpling. We have a long journey ahead.”
Eli obediently followed.
The front door closed with a terrible boom.

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