The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 41.2 — A Hallway of Statues

Ch. 41.2 — The door to the library opened, and Jay looked out, scowling. “Really, madam, couldn’t you wait until morning? It’s almost bedtime, and I am tired of being disturbed.”
Zelda reached into her cloak pocket and threw a handful of sparkling dust into the air in front of Jay. The dragon opened his mouth to protest. Instead, he froze. Janine watched in horror as the brilliant green color leached from his scales and the red of his mouth became bone white. His eyes clouded over, his breath ceased. Jay B. R. Wokky, the great dragon, had been turned into what appeared to be a statue of salt.
“No!” With a furious cry, Fritter rushed out from the left passageway, brandishing a sword.
Zelda threw a handful of dust at Fritter. He froze. Soon he was only a pale imitation of what he had been.
“Help!” Janine yelled. “Guards! Freddie, help.”
Zelda threw dust at her. Janine flinched, expecting to die, but nothing happened. She glanced over at the walking sticks in the stand by the door.
Footsteps thundered towards them from the main passageway. Zelda turned and blew some more of the dust down the passageways. “Sleep all who breathe this for a thousand years.”
The footsteps stopped.
Janine grabbed a stout rod from the stand and swung it at Zelda, but her sister was too fast. As Zelda whirled back around, she grabbed the stick, yanked it from her, and flung it away. It clattered on the stone floor and came to rest against a far wall.
They stared at each other. Complete silence filled the cavern. A cold draft blew through the hallway, and the fire in the hall fireplace went out.
Janine thought of all the people and animals who inhabited the dragon’s caves, who now were only statues. Her heart mourned. “What have you done?”

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