The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 40.3 — Into The Storm

Ch. 40.3 — Prince Eli struggled through the snow, leading his poor, exhausted horse. He had tried to follow Connie’s directions, but it was hopeless. How could anyone see anything in this storm? And it was supposed to be spring! And where was the cat? Felix was supposed to be helping him, not popping away for another strawberry tart.
The swirling snow muffled all sound. His toes felt numb. He wished for a mug of hot cocoa and a roaring fire.
Then Eli stumbled and fell on top of something that blocked the path before him. His horse snorted in alarm. Eli raised the small lantern and looked down.
He sucked in a breath.
Eli looked into the face of a young man wearing a soldier’s uniform of Nelsonia. After a moment Eli remembered his name. Jack had been one of the new recruits, just beginning his training before Eli was exiled.
Jack’s eyes were open and staring, his body stiff and cold. Eli brushed the snow away from Jack’s coat, looking for a wound or blood, but found none. He hadn’t even drawn his sword.
“Who did this to you?” A wave of grief washed over him. Jack’s parents would need to be notified. They would want someone to bring their son home for a burial.
Eli hated to leave him there, but there was nothing he could do for him. When he found the dragon’s cave, he could send someone for the body.
Eli got to his feet and led his horse a little farther along the path, only to find another corpse. Another Nelsonian soldier lay in the snow — another young man with no obvious cause of death. Eli puzzled over it.
Half an hour later, he found the body of a girl. She wore a coat fashionable in Saltonia, and she was still a little warm. There was despair in her face.
Eli reached down and gently closed her eyes. “I’m so sorry.”
He knew what this meant: Zelda was ahead of him, probably very nearby.
Eli drew his sword and strode forward.

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