The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch 39.8 — Enchantments in the Tulgey Woods

Ch. 39.8 – After a moment, Eli turned to MacQuire. “At my brother Ezra’s name day, you said he would have free passage through your lands and help when he needed it.”
MacQuire nodded. “I kept my word. When Ezra left his castle, we guarded him through the Tulgey Woods until he reached the border of the dragon’s lands. As well, you and your brothers were kept safe in these woods for many years.” He began to eat his stew.
Eli told them all that had happened since he was forced from his home. He looked down at his empty bowl. “It’s strange. Every time I tried to go to Saltonia, I got lost. Every time Zelda was scheduled to come to Nelsonia, something came up.”
“On your name day, you were promised protection from evil,” said MacQuire. “This kept you and Zelda apart — until Felix took you into Saltonia.”
“Don’t blame me,” said the cat. “Old Bob told me to do it.”
“Who tied up Old Bob and left him in the path of the raths?” Eli asked.
“Don’t ask me,” said the cat. “I answered his call for help, that’s all.”
McQuire looked troubled. “Old Bob is a powerful fey prince with his own enemies. If he has come out of hiding, then the crisis foretold is at hand.”
“Ezra and I corresponded for years using a code hidden in the newspaper articles,” Connie said. “He suspected the truth.” Her face was troubled as she turned to Eli. “You must be very careful. Zelda is not what she seems.”
“Can you tell me anything more?”
Connie shook her head. “We of the Tulgey Woods are all under a geas. The name of our enemy cannot be spoken aloud by any but the one who will break the spell.”
Eli thought about his poor brother. “I’ve got to reach the dragon’s cave before Zelda.”
Connie and MacQuire exchanged glances that Eli couldn’t read.
MacQuire set his spoon in the now empty bowl. “I will call my brothers. We will do our best to detain Zelda, but you should know that already she may be ahead of you.”
“What?” Eli sprang to his feet.
Connie got up and took a leather purse from one of the cupboards. She loaded the purse with warm gingerbread wrapped in a red gingham towel, and handed it to Eli. “The road ahead is full of danger, especially for you. This gingerbread will sustain you through your trials and will clear your mind when darkness covers it. Remember, do not trust your eyes. Believe only your heart.”
“Thank you for everything.”
She walked him to the door. “Head due east. When you come to the Tumtum tree, follow the stream until it ends under a rocky ledge. Climb the path you find there. Take only right hand turns when you must choose your way. You’ll find a mailbox by the path that leads up to the dragon’s cave. Felix, you will help Eli.”
The cat sniffed. “Oh, fine.” With tail held high he walked to the door. “I was going to anyway.”
Eli took the satchel and ran out into the night towards the stable. The door closed and locked behind him.

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