The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 39.7 — Meals and Deals

CH 39.7 — Connie gestured to a chair by the kitchen table. “Sit.” She seemed very calm.
Shaking, Eli sank into the chair. Felix leaped onto a second chair, his whiskers quivering.
Connie handed a kitchen towel to Eli. “Clean your sword and put it away. You don’t need it now.”
After a moment Eli obeyed. He washed his trembling hands and tried not to listen to the sounds of growling and ripping that came from the bedroom.
Connie set the table for four. She filled the bowls with hot stew, cut slices from a loaf of bread, and then placed the food on the table. “Have some dinner. It will make you feel better.” She poured hot tea into a mug for Eli, and milk into a saucer for Felix.
Eli tried not to think about the body in the bedroom. Or the blood. Or the sound of that scream. He failed. His stomach rolled. Felix, on the other hand, gobbled his meal down as if nothing unusual had just happened.
Connie placed a hand on Eli’s shoulder. “Do not be troubled. Paul terrorized these woods for years and killed many innocent people. His death fulfills justice. Also, there is a price to pay for those who steal and eat the gingerbread of this house.” She glanced at Felix, but the cat ignored her.
After a few minutes, Eli sipped the hot tea. It tasted of Miracle Mix. His stomach settled, and he began to feel better. He started on the stew.
MacQuire walked out of the bedroom, once again a powerful man dressed in dark clothing. His face and hands were clean. He sat down across from Eli. “You and Felix have saved our lives. We owe you a debt.”
Felix looked up from his saucer of milk. “And I plan to collect. Once a day.”
“Do not forget your place, fey-cat,” the werewolf growled.
“Moi?” Felix began to clean his whiskers. “I haven’t broken any rules this time. The deal was Miracle Mix in exchange for strawberry tarts.”
“Felix!” Eli glared at him. The cat was about to get himself killed. Felix just grinned.
MacQuire glared at the cat. Eli tensed.
Then Connie chuckled. “Very well, Sir Cat.” She placed a strawberry tart before Felix. Her husband snorted and returned to his meal.
Eli sank back in his chair, sweating.

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