The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 39.6 — Granny, What Big Eyes you Have

Ch. 39.6 — “Now, Paul, let’s not be hasty.” Connie’s voice now sounded as if it came from the werewolf in the bed.
Suddenly, a steaming cup full of brown liquid appeared in Eli’s left hand. He sniffed. There was a distinct scent of Miracle Mix plus something else that smelled delicious.
“Hurry,” whispered Felix. Eli looked over, but the cat’s smile was fading.
The werewolf coughed again.
“Here, Granny, have a sip of tea.” Eli bent over the werewolf and helped him to drink from the cup.
Almost at once MacQuire began to change. Eli set the cup on the dresser, sat back down on the stool, and waited. His heart pounded.
Paul scowled at the werewolf. “Granny, I never noticed before, but you have a very big nose.”
“All the better to smell with, my dear. I am a baker, you know,” Connie said. “The best gingerbread in the Tulgey Woods. But I guess you already know that.”
Paul leaned forward, frowning. “I’ve never noticed before, but what big, yellow eyes you have.”
Again Connie’s voice seemed to come from MacQuire. “All the better to see what I’m doing when I make my delicious gingerbread.”
Paul took a step closer. “Granny, I never noticed before, but what big teeth you have.”
MacQuire spoke this time, in a deep bass. “A definite plus when it comes to eating.” He pulled off the cap and ripped away the blankets. He had turned into an enormous gray wolf, and the nightgown was in tatters.
Paul’s face twisted with rage. “Trickery! Never trust a witch: you’re all liars!” He raised his axe, but Eli leaped from the stool and stabbed Paul with his sword. Paul turned and swung his axe at Eli, but the prince danced out of the way. The wolf roared as he launched off the bed, bowled Paul over, and tore open his throat. Blood sprayed out. A green light flashed out from the body, and Eli heard a woman’s scream of hatred. The werewolf howled in fury and began to tear the corpse apart.
Connie grabbed Eli by the arm. “Follow me. You too, Felix.” She pulled Eli out of the room and shut the door behind her.

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