The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 39.5 — The Play Begins

Ch 39.5 — Paul continued to bang on the door and threaten them. Then he stopped. Something snapped, sounding like a wooden board.
Eli heard the sounds of crunching. He held his breath and looked at the others. After a moment he realized what it was: Paul had broken off a piece of the roof and was eating it.
Connie looked at MacQuire, sighed, and shook her head. “I warned him not to do that.”
MacQuire growled something Eli didn’t catch.
Boom! Paul began to chop down the door with his ax.
Connie headed for the closet. “Eli, answer the door. Remember, you’re Red, my granddaughter.”
“How is this ever going to work?”
“Paul is very shortsighted.”
Eli snorted. “He’d have to be almost blind to be fooled by this charade.”
With a heart full of dread, Eli went to the door. Already the axe had cut a long gash in the middle of the heavy wood.
Eli thought about how his sister sounded and then spoke in a high pitched voice. “Alright, alright! I’m coming. Hold on.” He slid the bar away, turned the key, and opened the door a crack, “Yes?”
Paul lowered his axe and squinted at Eli. “Who are you?”
Eli would rather have faced the werewolf or even a Bandersnatch than this giant of a man. Paul’s hair was matted and tangled. Crumbs of gingerbread were trapped in his long, bushy beard. A maniacal light gleamed in his eyes. His red checkered shirt and pants were in tatters, yet he didn’t seem to be affected by the cold.
“I’m Red,” said Eli. “I’m visiting my sick granny.”
“The witch is sick? I don’t believe it.” Paul shoved his way past Eli and strode into the bedroom.
Eli shut the front door. He kept his hood pulled down and his sword hidden beneath his cloak as he followed Paul into the bedroom.
“Play along,” Connie’s voice whispered in his ear.
Startled, Eli glanced around the room, but Connie was hidden. Eli sat down on the stool beside the bed.
Paul squinted at MacQuire, who had pulled the quilt up to his chin. The white cap shadowed his upper face.
“Granny Connie, is that you?” Paul scowled.
Connie spoke from the closet, yet somehow she made it sound as if it were a young girl speaking from Eli’s position, using the same high-pitched voice that Eli had used earlier. “Your eyes must really be bothering you today, sir. This is my granny, Connie.”
Paul turned to Eli. “She doesn’t look like herself today. What’s wrong with her?”
“Granny’s caught a very bad cold. I’ve come to nurse her back to health.”
MacQuire coughed helpfully.
“She sounds awful.” Paul scowled at the werewolf, rubbed his eyes, and then peered at “Granny” again.
“It’s so nice of you to stop by for a visit,” Connie said in the girl’s voice. “She gets so lonely.” She paused. “What happened to your eyes, sir?”
“That no-good witch Bee tricked me and blinded me. When I find her, I’m going to kill her. After I kill Janine, of course. She comes first.” He grinned.
Eli shuddered.
Paul turned back to the figure in the bed. “Now where is she, Granny Connie? There’s no point saying you don’t know. Tell me, and I’ll spare your life.”
Eli had a feeling that Paul would not keep that promise. His right hand tightened around his sword hilt.

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