The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 39.3 — The Witch’s Patient

Ch. 39.3 — The man in the bed was tall, with long dark hair and stubble on his chin. His eyes glowed eerily. His arms and chest bulged with muscle. Sweat broke out on his skin as he tried and failed to get out of bed.
Eli was sure he’d seen this man somewhere before.
Connie pushed the man back down onto the bed. “You need a disguise.”
He glared at her and growled. “I am not an invalid. I will protect you from the Ax Man.”
“You couldn’t protect me from a flea right now.” She pulled out a drawer in the dresser, and yanked out a nightgown and a cap. “You’ll pretend to be my grandmother.”
“Do you have no respect for me, woman? No pride?” he roared.
Connie pulled the nightgown over his head. “If it means keeping you alive another day, then I have no pride.”
“Can’t you make a disguise with magic?” Eli asked. “I thought you were a witch.”
Connie grimaced. “I’m a gingerbread witch. I cook. Why doesn’t anyone remember that?”
She arranged a white cap on the man’s head, pulling it down until only his lower face was visible. “I know a few simple enchantments. That’s it. I’ve never been strong enough to face off against anyone, let alone Paul, who has been enchanted with a powerful spell. The first time he came through here, I ended up with a concussion and a broken arm. If Janie hadn’t come by, I might have died.”
“What’s wrong with your husband?” Eli asked.
“He’s ill. Something I could cure in a moment if I only had some Miracle Mix left.”
The cat hissed. “No time for talking now. Play your parts and we may live until tomorrow.” He leaped up on the dresser and peered through the curtains. “He’s almost to the door.”
Connie opened a cupboard and pulled out a long, red, hooded cloak, which she threw to Eli. “Cover up. You’re my granddaughter, Red, and you’ve come to visit me.”
“Why can’t I be your grandson?”
“He knows I don’t have a grandson. Now, hurry up.” She dashed out of the room to the front door, where someone had begun to pound.
A deep voice shouted, “I know you’re in there, Connie. Let me in, or I’ll kill your horses.”

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