The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.7 — Air Mail Delivery

Ch. 36.7 — Just then someone began to bang on the window. One of the servants rushed over and opened it. A gust of frigid air swept snowflakes into the room. A Jubjub bird, perched on the sill, squawked and held out its leg, revealing an oilskin pouch.
Queen Natalie hurried over, untied the pouch strings, and took out a large, slightly crumbled envelope. “How strange. It’s a letter for me. Thank you, Jubjub.” The bird squawked again and then flew off.
The queen had never heard of a Jubjub delivering mail. It was just the kind of thing Ezra would have thought up to do. Hope filled her. She unrolled the paper and read the message.
Feeling light headed, Queen Natalie gasped and sank to the floor. “Ezra has been found.”
“Wonderful,” said the king. “Guards, fetch him home. He’s not safe out there.”
Queen Natalie’s heart sank as she continued to read. “It’s too late. Ezra pricked his finger on a sword, and he’s fallen into an enchanted sleep.” She glared at her husband. “All these years you kept him imprisoned in his room, and it still happened.” Her hand closed around the letter, crumpling it.
The king sputtered. “But… but. How did he get out? Guards, have Jeeves executed at once. I ordered Ezra to stay in his room. Why did he disobey me?”
“Don’t you see? Ezra went into the Tulgey Woods to find a cure for you, because he loves you. He was afraid you were dying.”
“Nonsense, it’s just a little pain.” King Frances tried to get out of bed, but he collapsed. “It might be worse than I thought.”
Tears began to slide down Queen Natalie’s face.

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