The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.6 — Bad News for the King

CH. 36.6 — “You look stressed,” the king told his wife. “What happened while I was asleep?”
Queen Natalie gave him the short version: all his sons were missing, Esther had been sent to her beloved’s kingdom, and Matthew’s wife, Ella, and their son, Sam, had vanished.
King Frances roared. He tried to get out of bed, but his wife pushed him back. “You are not well yet. Lie down and rest.”
That only made the king more angry, and he roared again. A flock of servants descended on them, nervous and twittering, but the queen waved them away to the edges of the room.
King Francis fell back onto his pillow, weak and sweating. “I don’t understand. This Miracle Mix cures everything, yet I’m still feeling so ill. Guards, send someone to that witch Connie’s house and demand another jar.”
“No,” said the queen. The two guards exchanged nervous glances.
“This was the last jar in all the kingdom,” said Queen Natalie. Old Cecil, the inventor of Miracle Mix, had disappeared. Whole shipments from the factory in town had vanished. No one knew the formula. “Connie has done all she can.”
The king groaned. “Does anyone know where that blasted Wizard Colin is hiding?”
“No, your Highness,” said his servant.
What am I going to do?”

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