The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.5 — Meanwhile, Back at the Castle

CH. 36.5 — Queen Natalie sat up and almost screamed. A creature with glowing eyes stood at the foot of her bed. Fear hammered through her as she clutched her blankets to her chest and wished for a knife in her hand. “Who are you?”
“I won’t hurt you, Your Majesty. My name is Butterfingers – I’m a friend of Prince Ezra’s.”
With shaking hands the queen lit a candle on the bedside table and saw a gnome. “Why are you here?”
“Forgive me for waking you. The prince and I set out on a quest to find some Miracle Mix for his father, the king. I’ve only just returned.”
Butterfingers placed a small jar in the queen’s hands. “It’s from the witch, Connie. It’s the last Miracle Mix in the whole kingdom.”
Queen Natalie opened the jar. Her heart sank. There was only a small amount left in the bottom. “Do you know where Ezra is?”
Butterfingers shook his head. “We started into the Tulgey Woods at the same time. He should have been back way before me. What could have happened to him?”
Queen Natalie forced herself to be calm. “Thank you, Butterfingers. I am grateful for your service. Go down to the kitchen, and Molly will feed you and direct you to a bed for the night.”
“No time for that. My best friend is missing, and I must go and search for him.” Butterfingers bowed and then vanished.
How had he done that? The queen called for her maid. “Bring boiling water, cloths and a tea tray to the king’s room. I will tend him myself.”
“Yes, your Majesty.” The maid hid a yawn, bowed, and scurried away.
The maid soon returned with a trolley cart, which she wheeled into the king’s room with the required items. Queen Natalie made up the tea, added the tiny amount of Miracle Mix, and stirred. Then she forced it into the king’s mouth.
The king swallowed. His eyes opened. He blinked and then scowled. “I’ve been having the most horrible nightmare.”

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