The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.4 — The Prince’s Curse

CH 36.4  – After dessert, Janine turned to Col. “Can you do anything about the curse on Prince Ezra?”
“I’m sorry. I did all I could at the Name Day celebration. Only true love and a fair maiden’s kiss can break the enchantment.”
Fritter looked mournful. “I really tried to find something else. I’m sorry.”
“Bring out the sword,” said Jay.
Fritter dashed away. In a few moments he was back. Fritter carefully drew the sword from its sheath and laid it on the table. Its blue length gleamed in the lamplight. To Janine it seemed like a pretty toy.
The dragon sniffed it. “Yes, that’s my blood. I remember that other little prince stabbing me in the palm. It hurt like crazy and took months to heal. I had to stop working on my novel.” His eyes blazed, and he spoke harshly. “Fritter, lock that thing away where it won’t hurt anyone else.”
“Yes, Sire.” Fritter sheathed the sword and scrambled away.
“Bother,” said the dragon. “This means more visitors, nosing around and demanding things. Soldiers stomping all over my mountains. Royal reprimands.”
Col cleared his throat. “Look on the bright side, Sir Dragon. You didn’t kill the prince. Ezra grew up to be an intelligent, kindhearted fellow who loves to invent things. He has good friends among the gnomes, and he’s already very rich. The king of Nelsonia will be in your debt because you sheltered and cared for his son.”
“There is that,” the dragon said in a dry voice. “But what about my privacy?”
“I’m sure we can quickly find a fair maiden who will be able to awaken the prince. They’ll go off to the palace to marry, and you’ll have your peace and quiet back. And then everyone will be happy. Er. Well, almost everyone.” Col glanced at Janine.
Janine scowled at her plate. “Never mind me. Bring on the princesses. I’ll wear my mask.” She leaped up and began to gather the dishes from the table. No one dared to say anything more on the topic of fair maidens.

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