The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch 35.3 — The Jubjub Birds

Ch. 35.3 — Janine sat still for a while, thinking hard. “It’s time to talk to Col and Bee.”
Fritter gestured. “Have you forgotten the storm?”
“Of course not, but one of the Jubjub birds might be willing to take a message.”
After the three princes had wounded Cresty, his sisters had come to Janine for help. Janine had invited all of her nest-mates back to the caves to stay while she set Cresty’s broken wing and bandaged his wounds. Months later, the birds were still here, even though Cresty’s wing had healed long ago, and the window was always left open. After all, it had been a long, cold winter.
Janine ran down the passage to the fourth cave, where the birds sat on their perches, cleaning their feathers.
“How are you all today?” she asked politely. It never was a good idea to offend a Jubjub bird, even if they liked you. They had very sharp beaks and sometimes forgot you were a friend.
Cresty looked up. “I wondered if you were ever going to come and see us. We’re so bored and lonely. And so hungry. I can smell the sheep in the next cave over. Why don’t you be a love and fetch us a good, fat ewe?”
Janine folded her arms. “Sorry, those are for the dragon. I’ve got dried fruit, Tumtum nuts, and water — freshly melted.”
Cresty pouted. “Fruit and nuts. Blah. I want meat.”
“You know, I’ve heard that Ferris Hall is having problems with toves.”
Cresty’s eyes glowed red in anticipation. “Mmmm. Toves. We haven’t had those in a while.”
“I do love the way they crunch.” Amelia snapped her bill open and shut.
Jubby flapped her wings. “And the way they taste.”
“And they are easier to catch when it’s cold,” said Sarah.
“Let’s go hunting,” said Cresty. His sisters chorused their agreement.
Janine smiled fondly at the birds. “There is one little thing you could do for me before you go.”
Cresty squawked. “I’m not stealing any more babies. The fey have given us a bad name over that mess. Storks, indeed.”
“Of course not.” Janine was shocked. “I just want you to deliver a letter to Col and Bee.”
“What’s wrong with the postman?”
“Mr. Dumfries won’t be able to get through for at least another week. Please, this is important to me.”
Cresty nibbled on his claws. “Oh, very well. Tie it to my leg, and I’ll make sure it’s delivered.”

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