The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 35.1 — A Winter Breakfast

Ch. 35.1 – Janine loved winter snowstorms. The roads vanished beneath huge drifts of snow and put an end to would-be-heroes’ quests. Even the slow but trusty Mr. Dumfries didn’t show up. Of course, the news that the dragon was dead helped too. Yes, life at the caves was quiet and peaceful. If only it could always be like this.
Janine whistled cheerfully as she forked some hay from the loft down to the sheep which were penned in the second largest cave. Warm and cozy, the sheep either slept or contentedly munched, oblivious to their fate.
When she finished caring for the animals, Janine washed her hands and went up to the kitchen, where Fritter turned pancakes on a huge griddle. She stirred the vat of syrup and sliced up the oranges. (Fritter could get all kinds of items — even oranges in winter — from the Gnomes International Network.) Fritter put a second batch of bacon into the enormous frying pan. Janine set the table — a large setting for the dragon, and smaller plates and utensils for herself and Fritter.
When all was ready, Janine rang the bell, and Jay came to the giant table for breakfast. Janine served a stack of fifteen fluffy pancakes onto Jay’s plate, and Fritter set a pitcher of hot syrup beside it.
Jay slathered butter and poured syrup on his pancakes. “How is our guest? Still sleeping?”
“Yes, sire,” said Fritter. “It’s the strangest case I’ve ever encountered in all my hundred years.”
Janine saw Fritter’s worry. After all, the gnome considered himself an experienced herbalist and healer, and he had searched in vain for cures for sleeping sickness, including the enchanted type. He had actually found three antidotes for dragon’s blood, and he’d tried all three, but the boy never woke up. As of yet, they hadn’t dared to tell Jay about the sword.
“Clearly magic is involved.” Jay poured tea into his mug, and then dumped in a cup of sugar and stirred. “In the spring you’ll have to invite your foster parents up for a visit. Perhaps they’ll be able to make some sense of it.” Jay looked at Fritter with an uplifted eyebrow. Fritter shook his head, then looked down.
How strange. Fritter seemed embarrassed about something. Janine swallowed a bit of pancake. “Good idea. In the meantime, he’s no trouble. He doesn’t eat much, and he never complains.”
The three friends looked at each other and laughed.

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