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Book List for June 2018

I can’t believe a month has flown by already. Here are my top picks for the month — some new books and some old favorites:
Water from my Heart – Charles Martin – Adult Fiction – 5 — What an amazing story this is – about a man who starts out as cold, unfeeling, and engaged in illegal activities, but who undergoes a remarkable transformation through the experiences he faces. I couldn’t go to sleep for a long time after reading it.
Wrapped in Rain – Charles Martin – Adult Fiction — 5 – Complex characters, beautifully told. The story of two brothers who are abused in childhood and deprived of the one person who loved them, who are reunited in adulthood when events force them together. This is a story about the power of love and forgiveness.
The Mountain Between Us – Charles Martin – Adult Fiction – 5 — A gripping story of survival in which a small plane crashes in a harsh winter wilderness. This book is about a man with honor, courage, and integrity who does the impossible in spite of his own personal trials. (The movie, on the other hand, portrayed a man who was morally weak, with no honor and no sense of humor. Hollywood blew it big time. Why do people make movies from books if they aren’t going to represent them correctly?)
Shadows – Robin McKinley – YA Fantasy — 5 —  I love this book, even after reading it so many times before. Magic, loveable dogs, origami, friendship, love, danger, and a girl who must learn to adapt – my kind of book.
The Scent of Water – Elizabeth Goudge – Adult Fiction — 5 – Beautifully written, this is the story of a single woman (Mary Lindsay) who inherits a house in the English countryside from her aunt, whom she has only met once. As she moves in and begins to learn about her aunt and her quirky neighbors, she discovers ways to help them and to resolve the conflicts within her soul. I loved this book.
Drops of Gold – Sarah M. Eden – Historical romance, clean romance — 5 – What a beautiful story! I cried when I read it.
Friends and Foes – Sarah M. Eden – Historical, clean romance — 5 — A fun romance with lots of humor.
Breathkept – Saundra Mitchell – YA Contemporary — 5 – Parker Nixon goes to live with her father for her senior year of high school. She doesn’t expect to witness a suicide, be accused of murder, or to fall in love with a mysterious boy. This book filled the senses. Well done!
Freefall – Kristen Heitzmann – Clean romance – 5 – A woman walks out of the forest of Kauai, Hawaii with no memory of who she is or what happened to her. She is befriended by Nica, a sensitive woman whose adopted grandmother senses malice. The sparks fly when Nica’s brother Cameron (Kai) comes from California to investigate. Kai is a cynical, bitter fraud investigator who undergoes a major transformation as he helps “Jade” retrace her steps back into the forest and then back into her life on the mainland. I have read this numerous times, but enjoy it each time. One of my favorite romances!
One Step Enough – Carla Kelly – Historical romance – 4 – This is the moving story of a husband (Welsh coal miner) and wife (school teacher) in a small mining town in Utah who must uncover the trauma and secrets of the past, and sacrifice much in order to be whole. Beautifully told.
Bookish Boyfriends – Tiffany Schmidt – YA Contemporary – 4 — All of life is a book – or so Merrilee believes. She begins the year at a new school where she compares all the boys to characters in her favorite classic romances and assigns them all parts. As she gradually gets to know her fellow students, she realizes that she might have got a few things wrong… A fun read.
Deadly Undertow – Christy Barritt – Romantic suspense — 4 — Cassidy Livingston is in the witness protection program, with a new life and a wonderful boyfriend. No one is supposed to know where she is. But when someone tries to shoot her, she realizes that her cover is blown. Very exciting
Timeless Moments – Michelle Kidd – Historical fantasy/mystery – 4 – Jack Vines buys the house he has admired since he was a child, only to discover that it is “haunted” by a beautiful woman who lived there in the early 1900’s. Somehow she and Jack can see each other, talk, and pass notes between their time periods. She is in terrible danger, and Jack is determined to save her. This was a fun book, with an intriguing twist on time travel.
Listen to Your Heart – Kaisie West – YA Contemporary Romance — 5 – Kate would rather be on the lake than do anything else. She’s already got her future planned. Then her best friend Alana convinces Kate to join the high school podcast, and Kate is chosen to be the co-host. She feels overwhelmed. To her surprise, Kate discovers that people enjoy her sarcasm and witty advice. When a guy calls in for advice about a girl, her best friend is ecstatic (they recognize the voice of Diego) but Kate finds herself falling for Diego and trapped in a web of deceit. This was a very fun read. As always, Kasie West gives us a fun glimpse into the teen world without all the smudge. Loved it!


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