The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 34 — A Refuge in the Storm?

CH. 34 — Matthew, Mark, and their guards struggled through the snow. The temperature had dropped, and the wind tore at their clothing as it wailed around them.  Matthew’s teeth chattered. The driving snow felt like nails being hammered into his face. The horses were exhausted. They crested yet another hill and started downward.
“We’ve got to find shelter,” Mark shouted.
Matthew growled under his breath. Of course they needed shelter. They’d been looking for something for hours. Judging by the way the horses were stumbling, they had only minutes left.
Gordon shouted something and pointed. Up ahead a light glowed through the swirling snowflakes.
Eagerly Matthew and his companions made their way along the steep path. At last they came to a level area, and – oh, frabjous day! – a cave.
The warm glow of a fire beckoned to them. They dismounted and led the horses into the cave. The horses stood with heads bowed, breathing hard. The four men walked towards the blaze. The scent of roasting meat hit Matthew, and his stomach growled. His mouth watered.
“Welcome, strangers,” said a melodious voice. “Come in and rest. Dinner will be ready soon. Share my meal on this cold winter’s night.”
A woman emerged from the shadows — the most beautiful woman Matthew had ever seen. She wiped a dark stain from her lips. The scent of lilies wafted through the air.
“Come, sit by the fire.”

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