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In Memory of Isabel Christine Maclean Rozins

Isabel Christine Maclean Rozins (March 21, 1924-May 10, 2018) — My Aunt Isabel was a loving and enthusiastic support to me and my sisters as we were growing up. Through her regular letters and occasional phone calls and visits, we developed a strong bond with her. We each felt as if we were her special niece. During the dark periods of our lives, she was a light and a beacon of hope. She encouraged us to dream and achieve those dreams. She sent books which became beloved treasures and fueled our imaginations. The times when we were able to travel to eastern Canada to visit her and our other relatives were highlights in our lives. As we grew older we continued to write back and forth. Our letters grew in complexity, and our bond continued to grow. In spite of the trials and challenges she faced in her life, our aunt continued to be a great support to us. Even though we lived far away from each other, our love kept us close. I can still hear her voice and laughter in my mind, and I still have all her letters. Auntie Is was like a bright fire burning in my life. I will miss her greatly.

(Photo of me, baby Sammy, and Auntie Is at my sister Beryl’s wedding, Camrose Alberta 1985)

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