The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 31.2 — A Strange Blue Sword

Ch. 31.2 — Janine examined the boy. “He’s covered with blood, but I can’t find any wounds. Maybe he’s just fainted. Wait, there’s a little scratch on his finger. And look, here’s a vorpal sword.”
She reached to pick it up, but Fritter screeched, leaped to her side, and snatched the sword away from her. “Don’t touch that.”
“Why not? What’s wrong?”
Fritter’s face was very pale. “This is no ordinary sword. Look at the blue color of the blade. It has been dipped in dragon’s blood. Therefore it is the most lethal weapon in the world. There’s a reason the dragons were appointed to guard the eastern mountains.” Fritter looked down at the boy and shook his head sadly. “It would have been a great poem. Now there will only be a burial.”
Janine, who had been holding the boy’s hand, shook her head. “He’s not dead.”
Fritter’s face was mournful. “He will be soon.”
“No, I don’t think so. He seems to be only sleeping. Come on, Fritter, help me carry him up to the cave. You have a great store of medicines. Let’s see what we can do for him.”
Fritter finally agreed. He carefully cleaned the sword off in the grass. Then he unbuckled the belt from the boy’s waist, sheathed the sword, and buckled the belt around his own waist. “This sword must never be mentioned to the dragon. I must study it and find out where it came from.”
“I wonder who he is?” Janine looked both ways down the road. “There’s no sign of a horse or wagon.”
“His clothing is simple and sturdy, but it’s too well made for him to be anything but a nobleman’s son. Perhaps a thorough search will reveal something.” They went through his pockets, but all they found was a pouch full of Nelsonia gold coins.
“What a strange day,” Janine said.


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