The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 31.1 — The Great Hero

CH. 31.1 — Janine and Fritter heard the burbling, roaring, and screaming of the bandersnatches from up in the dragon’s cave.
“What on earth is going on?” Janine took off her apron and wiped her hands on the dish towel.
Fritter grabbed his sword from the rack by the door and handed Janine another. “Nothing good. Come on.”
Together they raced down the path. The entire forest seemed upset. Jubjub birds and regular birds shouted out the news of death.
Janine and Fritter stopped at the scene of the battle.
“Oh, my.” Janine felt sick as she surveyed the two headless bodies.
Fritter’s eyes gleamed. “Two bandersnatches. Two! “What mighty warrior has slain two fearsome bandersnatches at one time? Just wait until I tell Jay about this battle. What a glorious poem this will make! He’ll win the poetry contest and have a star named after him. His poem will become the most famous poem in all the world.”
Janine stared at him curiously. “That would be wonderful, but why do you care, considering the way Jay treats you?”
Fritter waved a hand impatiently. “If Jay wins the contest, he’ll tell my father how I helped him, and my shame will finally be erased. My father will welcome me back home. My true love will greet me with a kiss.”
He sighed, his eyes shining. “And where is this great man? This fearsome hero of epic proportions, this titan among gladiators?”
Janine cleared her throat. “Ahh… before you get your hopes up, I think there’s something you should see.”
She pointed over at the human being lying face down in the leaves — a young man, judging by his clothing and stature.
“Oh, no.”
Janine edged around the steaming bodies and knelt by the still form. She and Fritter carefully turned him over.
“He’s no warrior,” muttered Fritter in disappointment. “He’s just a boy.”

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