The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 30.2 — The Battle


Ch 30.2 — The Bandersnatch rushed towards him. Ezra swallowed hard and gripped his sword. The pony screamed in terror, yanked the reins from Ezra’s hands, and bolted back down the narrow road.
Just as the Bandersnatch reached him, Ezra darted to one side, swung up into the nearby tree, and brought the blade down onto the creature’s neck.
The blade went through its neck as if it had been made of butter. The bandersnatch went two more steps and tumbled into the trees.
“No!” screamed the other bandersnatch. “You’ve killed my lovey! Now you are going to die.”
The female bandersnatch galumphed towards him, roaring in anger and grief. Ezra leaped into the next tree and slammed his vorpal blade down across its neck.
The head fell to the ground. The second bandersnatch collapsed.
Ezra looked down at the bloody sword in his hand and the silent, headless bodies below him. Then he dropped the sword and began to throw up.
Finally, light-headed and shaking, he climbed back down the tree. He stared at the corpses that lay across the path. His head whirled. Ezra picked up the sword and studied it.
“I don’t understand.”
It was a vorpal sword, purposely kept dull so it would be safe for a child to practice with. So how was it possible that what was basically a toy had slain two enormous bandersnatches?
Ezra frowned. Slowly he reached a finger towards the blade and touched it.
“Ouch.” A single bead of blood welled up on his finger. At once he felt weak, as if all the energy in his body was draining away. A little voice inside him screamed, “The name day curse!”
Ezra had very little time to be afraid. His legs were like jelly as he sank to the ground. He couldn’t move, not even a finger. He felt so tired. Ezra closed his eyes, asleep.


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