The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 30.1 — Bandersnatches

Ch. 30.1 — One of Ezra’s hobbies (besides inventing things and tormenting Frederick) was collecting maps. He had a very good sense of direction, so it only took two days to get up into the mountains and find the right road. A brightly painted mail box stood at the junction of the road and a narrow pathway that wound up through the trees. Ezra checked the name on the mail box. Yes, Jay B. R. Wokky lived in the caves above. Underneath the dragon’s name, neatly lettered, was the name “Fritter,” and below that, “Janie.” Another painted sign had been attached below the mail box. It stated, “An ugly girl lives here. No need for rescue. Go Away.”
Ezra chuckled. He was almost there.
He dismounted and led his pony up the narrow path. He hadn’t gone far when he saw an enormous, ungainly creature with a long neck, red feathers askew, and sharp, dagger-like teeth. The bandersnatch sniffed the air. “Who comes this way?”
The pony snorted in fear and threatened to back down the path, but Ezra soothed him with a gentle hand and quiet words. Then he looked right at the Bandersnatch and spoke to him. “My name is Ezra, and I desire to speak with the dragon.”
The bandersnatch licked his lips. “Not much meat on him, but he looks soft.”
“How shall we cook him?” said a second voice. “Roasted? Boiled?”
“He’s such a small snack. Perhaps we should just eat him raw.”
Ezra cleared his throat and spoke loudly. “I wish to speak to the dragon.”
The bandersnatch grinned horribly at him. “Boy, I am the dragon.”
“Yes, yes, he is.” The second bandersnatch giggled as it emerged from the trees.
The first bandersnatch reared up on his legs as tall as he could make himself and spoke in a voice like thunder. “I am the great Jay B. R. Wokky. You have trespassed. Therefore, you shall die.”
Ezra dismounted and drew his vorpal sword. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.”
The two bandersnatches looked down at the blade and began to snicker. They collapsed into the leaves and howled with laughter.
“You call that a sword?” said the male. “The last knight who came through here had a toothpick bigger than that, and we killed him.” They rolled between the trees, burbling and pounding the ground in their mirth.
Ezra waited. Finally they recovered.
“Boy, you are no match for a great dragon like me,” said the first Bandersnatch. “Prepare to die.”
“Don’t damage him when you kill him. I don’t like pounded steak,” the second bandersnatch whined.
“Don’t worry, deary. There will be plenty left for you.”
Ezra’s heart pounded. Sweat rolled down his back. How he wished his father had allowed him to learn sword fighting. Watching his brothers was no preparation for a real battle. His one real advantage was that all the sneaking around, and climbing up and down the castle walls had made him strong and fast.
The first bandersnatch opened his jaws and came galumphing towards him.

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