The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 29.2 — Butterfingers Helps

Ch 29.2 — Ezra raced back up the secret stairway, worrying as he went. If the king found out that Ezra was missing, would it send him to his grave?
Then Ezra saw a familiar person slipping along an adjoining passageway. “Psst. Butterfingers.”
The gnome turned back and came to him.
“Did you hear?”
Butterfingers nodded and took Ezra’s hands. “Oh, dear, oh dear. This is not good, not good at all.”
“You’ve got that right.” Ezra thought frantically. “Is there any way you can get some more Miracle Mix?”
Butterfingers shook his head mournfully. “There isn’t a drop of Miracle Mix left in the city. Without Old Cecil and the formula, no one can make any more either.”
Ezra sank down and put his hands over his face. He had given most of his remaining ointment to Mr. Dumfries. The smashed jar had been the very last bit in the castle.
“Don’t give up hope yet, Sire. We could try the Tulgey Woods. Connie might have some. My cousin, Fritter, is an expert on herbs, and he usually mixes up a batch of Miracle Mix every fall. He might have some left.”
Ezra stood up and squeezed Butterfinger’s hands. “Thank you, my friend. We’ll leave within the hour.”
“I don’t know if it really was a heart attack.”
“What do you mean?”
“When the king collapsed, there was a peculiar smell in the room. It seemed familiar, but I couldn’t quite remember where I’d smelled it before.”
A feeling of dread came over Ezra. He and Eli had been watching for years, and now maybe their unknown enemy was moving against them.
“My family is in danger. Is there anyone you trust that could guard my mother, Matthew’s wife, Ella, and their son, Sam?”
Butterfingers nodded. “My brothers, Kit-kat and Twix. I’ll get a message to them.”
“If you have to, get them away from the castle to a place of safety.”
“I will. You can count on me.”
“Thank you. Connie’s house is closest, so you head there. Meanwhile, I’ll go to the dragon’s cave. We’ll meet back here as soon as possible.”
“Be careful, Sire. The Tulgey Woods are very dangerous. It’s no place for an unarmed boy.”
“I know that, but I can’t just sit here and wait for everything to fall apart. I have to try.”

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