The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 29.1 — Ezra Makes a Decision

Ch. 29.1 — Ezra kept his eyes closed and pretended to sleep as Jeeves entered the room and stared at him. As if anyone could sleep with that going on all night! At last the odious man went back out and closed the door. The key turned in the lock with a loud clunk. Ezra threw back the covers and sat up.
If only Franklin was still his bodyguard. This new one was making life very difficult. Even with help from the ghosts and gnomes, Ezra had almost been caught three times now.
His favorite ghost appeared. “It’s safe now, Sire. You have about twenty minutes before the next check.”
“Thank you, Michaels.” Ezra slipped behind the tapestry and hurried down the secret passageway.
Worry filled him. King Henry was confined to his bed, expected to die soon. Only the fumes he’d inhaled from the broken jar of Miracle Mix were keeping him alive. Ezra’s mother hadn’t left his side for days.
Esther’s fiancé had come to Nelsonia expecting to marry her, and instead Queen Natalie had sent them back to the Elves’ land with an armed guard and instructions to keep her safe at all costs.
Poor Eli had been banished. Ezra wished he hadn’t told Eli to tell the king the truth. Their father’s heart attack was all his fault. Where was Eli now? Had he made it to the border?
At last Ezra reached the hiding spot behind the tapestry of the private conference room. He tried to quiet his breathing as he looked through the spy hole.
Matthew and Mark sat together at the corner of the long oak table, with mugs of ale before them. The room was dark, lit only by a single candle.
“What are you going to do?” Mark asked in a hushed voice.
Matthew slugged down his ale and slammed the mug back down onto the table. “You heard Father. We’re going to apologize to the dragon and bring that ugly princess back here.”
Mark stared at him. “Are you really going to apologize?”
Matthew glared at his brother. “How well do you know me?”
“Ahhh! Riiiight.” Mark’s smile made Ezra’s hair stand up.
“I suggest we take a small number of armed men and set out for the mountains,” said Mark. “The fewer that know what we’re really doing, the better.”
Matthew nodded. “Good plan. Gordon and Percival are loyal to us. We’ll leave at dawn.”
Ezra crept away from his hiding place, full of fear. Knowing his brothers, someone was going to end up dead very soon. He had to warn the dragon.

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