The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 28.6 — True Confessions

Ch 28.6 — The next day, Eli approached his father and asked for a private conference. Amid a lot of sweating, he told King Frances what had really happened.
“What?” the king roared. “Guards, bring Matthew and Mark in here. Immediately.”
Soon the three young men stood before the king, heads bowed. The king paced back and forth as he shouted.
Eli had never seen him so angry.
“You’re a disgrace, all of you. You have shamed the name of Nelsonia through your behavior. When news of this gets out, I will be the laughing stock of all the kingdoms.”
Matthew threw a venomous glance at Eli and then humbly said, “We’re very sorry Father. We got carried away. It was Eli’s idea. He’s the one who suggested that the Bandersnatch head looked like a dragon’s head.”
Eli opened his mouth and then closed it again.
“Who is the crown prince here?” shouted the king. “Who is supposed to take the reins of government just a few short years from now? I expect you to have better judgment than this, Matthew. Your younger brothers are known for their practical jokes, but you! You’re supposed to be the solid, reliable one.”
“I’m sorry, Father.”
“We’ll get our public relations men on this. We’ll say it was a little prank, and no one meant any harm by it. Meanwhile, you and Mark will go apologize to the dragon and the princess. Invite Princess Janine to return with you to the castle, and send a messenger to Saltonia. Tell them their daughter is alive and well.”
“Yes, Father.”
King Henry gasped and then stopped, panting. “This means the engagement between Ezra and Janine will have to proceed.” He clutched his chest.
The king’s face was red and sweating. He groaned in pain. Then he staggered.
“Father?” Eli said, alarmed. The king moaned.
Eli ran to the door. “Guards, send for the doctor. Now!”
Matthew and Mark caught their father as he fell and gently lowered him to the floor.
“Matthew,” the king whispered. “Make this right.”
Matthew took his hand. “I promise. I’ll make you proud of me.”
King Henry closed his eyes.

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