The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 28.1 — Ezra Sneaks Out

CH 28.1 — Ezra made sure that the cloth scarecrow in his bed looked just like a sleeping boy. Then he carefully and silently pulled the iron bars from his window. He had spent three days experimenting with Tove saliva, and he’d been able to use it as a solvent on the bars, to dissolve a strip of iron along the top and bottom edges.
He wore dark clothing, and his face was covered by a black scarf. Ezra lowered himself out the window and clung to the outcroppings of rock as he made his way like a spider down the wall of the castle. The moon was a slim crescent in the sky, and everyone in the castle slept. The guards who marched back and forth on the battlements above never saw him.
Once outside the castle, he crept through the streets until he came to the house of Josiah T. Dumfries the Eleventh.
Josiah’s grandson met him at the door.
“It’s very kind of you to come, Sire,” said Josiah T. Dumfries the Thirteenth. “We’ve been so worried about him. Gramps has never been sick a day in his life, and suddenly he’s got this fearsome cold. We’re afraid he’s not going to make it much longer.”
Josiah led Ezra into a dimly lit bedroom where the old man lay beneath a thick patchwork quilt. His breathing was ragged. His flushed skin stretched across a face that had lost its fat layer.
Ezra’s heart lurched. “Did you try Miracle Mix?”
“We used up the last bottle in the fall.”
Ezra sat beside the old man and took his hand. Josiah’s skin felt like hot paper. “Mr. Dumfries? Are you awake, sir?”
The old man opened rheumy eyes. “Ezra? Is that you?” His voice was raspy.
“It’s me. Toby sent a message that you were sick.” Ezra was truly grateful for his gnome friends.
“I didn’t think they let you out of the castle.” He began to cough.
“Try not to talk, Gramps,” said Josiah the Thirteenth.

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