The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 26.4 — The Heroes Return

Ch 26.4 — The three princes buried the Bandersnatch carcasses and one of the heads. They cut down a sapling and fashioned a pole to carry their ‘dragon’ head on. Then they spent some time scratching their armor and burning holes in their clothing to simulate the effects of dragon’s blood. They ripped a few sleeves, tore holes in their pant legs, and rolled in the dirt. Lastly, Mark captured a Jubjub bird and wounded it, resulting in hideous screeches that echoed off the mountains.
At last Matthew pronounced them ready to leave.
And so it was, that on the fourteenth day of October at four o’clock in the afternoon the three brave princes rode into the city of Nelsonia carrying the head of a “dragon” between them on a pole, followed by their soldiers and servants. The heroes were met by cheering crowds; kisses from screaming, adoring maidens; tears of joy from their mother; and a strong hug from their father.
“You’ve really done it,” said King Frances. “You’ve slain Jay B. R. Wokky. Come to my arms, my beamish boys. This is a frabjious day for all of us, a day that will go down in history as one of the greatest in the kingdom, for you have avenged the wrong committed by this manxiom foe, this nefarious of all dragons.”
“Callooh! Callay!” yelled the crowd.
With great ceremony, the brothers carried the dragon head to the bonfire in the courtyard (which had been prepared in advance) and dropped it into the flames. With a great roar the flames leaped up, crackling and sizzling, and soon the head was only a blackened skull.
“Farewell, most noble opponent,” Matthew called out, and the people again cheered.
The three princes bowed and waved to the people, and shook hands with many.
The whole time, Eli had a terrible stomach ache.




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