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Book List for February 2018

Here are my favorite books for February.
#1: The Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher – 5 – Adult Fantasy –A great adventure story set in a world where crystals fuel everything, with swordfights, sailing airships, magic, courageous heroes and heroines, and best of all, talking cats! Can it get any better? I can’t wait to read the next book in the Cinder Spires series.
Greensleeves – Eloise Jarvis McGraw – 5 – NA clean romance, coming of age – This was my third time reading the book, and it was still amazing!
Stone and Sunset (#4) – Sibella Giorello – 5 – YA Mystery — Wow! I love her books. The teenage Raleigh Harmon solves another mystery, this time at a home for seniors where the inhabitants are dying off at an abnormally fast rate. Raleigh is such a compelling character. She never gives up.
The Hero of Ages – Brandon Sanderson – 4 – Fantasy — The third book in the Mistborn series:  I’ve read this before, and the writing is incredible (it should get five stars for the writing), but the ending was so sad (but logical.)
Juliette and the Monday Mandates (#1) – Becky Doughty – 4 – All four are fun, clean romances involving four sisters who are each interesting characters who search for their soul mates and struggle with life.
Renata and the Fall from Grace (#2) – by Becky Doughty — 4
Phoebe and the Rock of Ages (#3) – by Becky Doughty — 4
Gia and the Blast from the Past (#4) – by Becky Doughty — 4
Hunting Ground (#2) – Patricia Briggs – 4 – Werewolf drama/mystery/romance for adults – great world building.
Chosen Wolf – by Stacy Claflin – 4 – Both teen werewolf romances. I enjoyed them both.
Lost Wolf – by Stacy Claflin — 4
If We were a Movie – Kelly Oram – 4 – NA – The premise of the story, the delightful characters, and the fun keep me coming back to reread this book. I really think it should be a movie!
Lucky in Love – by Kasie West – 4 – Kasie West does it again with this YA clean romance.
The Library at the Edge of the World – by Felicity Hayes-McCoy – 3 – Adult Fiction — some swearing, a good story, though a little slow paced. I enjoyed the characters. It made me want to visit Ireland.
Any Dream will Do – by Debbie Macomber – 3 – Adult, clean romance.
Alas Babylon – Pat Frank – 3 – A look at what would happen if the nuclear bombs dropped. This book scared me when I read it in high school. It still scares me.
The Gracekeepers – by Kirsty Logan – 3 – Adult fantasy, interesting world building, characters, and story, but the ending was really sad.
Half Blood Dragon – K. N. Lee – 3 – NA fantasy, interesting beginning to a series.

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