The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 25.2 — Janine is Insulted

Ch. 25.2 — Janine folded her arms and glared at them. “Well?”
The oldest of the three princes recovered and spoke haughtily. “Send for your master, wench. We desire audience with the dragon in the name of the king of Nelsonia. We have come to settle our grievance with him.”
Janine gasped. “Wench? How dare you?”
The youngest of the three princes glanced at the oldest. “Uh, Matthew…”
“Not now, Eli.” Matthew’s face was full of thunder. “What are you waiting for, wench? Go and fetch the dragon. Now.”
The second oldest prince spoke now. “We will battle with him in the meadow below, and rescue any and all fair maidens being held prisoner.”
The youngest looked panicked. He bowed to her. “Please ignore their manners. We are sorry to bother you, but we had heard there was a dragon living here who had captured a fair maiden and was torturing her.”
Janine lost her temper. “Do you see a dragon anywhere around here? Do you? No? That’s because he’s in seclusion. He doesn’t see visitors. He doesn’t go out. So stop bothering him and blaming all your misfortunes on him. He doesn’t steal from anyone in the kingdom, and we raise our own sheep.”
“Secondly, do you see any beautiful princesses? No? Well, there you go. And by the way, the only torturing going on here is from you rude, inconsiderate princes who interrupt my work at all hours of the day and night. I may not beautiful, but I am fairly employed, and I am happy. Now, get off my doorstep!”
The three princes stared at her as they backed up. The youngest bowed to her and muttered an apology.

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