The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 24.1 Ezra’s Brothers get Bored

Ch. 24.1 — Ezra looked out his window above the practice yard and watched as his brothers exercised.
“I’m so bored,” said Matthew. “If only Father would step down and let me run the kingdom.” He swung his sword at a straw man and hacked it in two.
“I’m sure you could do so much better than he does,” Eli said dryly as he took another arrow from his quiver.
Matthew looked surprised. “Of course I could. Father is old and stuck in his ways. One of the first things I’d do is go after that dragon. After all, I did swear that I would kill him.”
“As did I,” said Mark. “But when I brought it up with Father, and he refused to grant us permission.” Mark thrust his sword into the chest of another straw man.
Eli drew back his bow and sighted down his arrow at the wooden target. “He doesn’t want you to be roasted.” He released the arrow, and it flew straight to the red bullseye.
“Ha.” Matthew decapitated another straw man. “That old dragon has been sitting around getting fat and lazy for twelve years. He’d be easy to kill.”
Ezra rolled his eyes and called down to them. “Do you two know anything about dragons?”
“Besides, he’s keeping a beautiful maiden captive up there.” Mark’s eyes gleamed. “I bet she’s a princess.”
Ezra understood his interest. Two years ago, Mark had gone to Lake Land to search for his betrothed, who had disappeared as a baby. The rumor was that she was being held captive in a tower by a witch. Mark hadn’t even been able to find the tower. He had returned home exhausted, sore, dirty, and discouraged.
“Father used to secretly send out knights to kill the dragon,” said Eli. “They never returned. That’s why he finally stopped.”
Matthew and Mark turned and stared at Eli.
Matthew scowled at Eli. “How is it that you always know what’s going on in the kingdom before me? I’m the crown prince. I should know these things.”
Eli just grinned and shot another arrow into the target. “Maybe you should listen more carefully.” He looked up at Ezra and winked.
Ezra chuckled. He and Eli had listened in on many of the king’s secret meetings, thanks to the hidden tunnels and passageways in the castle.
Matthew slashed the head off the straw man. “It’s time to take care of that dragon once and for all.”

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