The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 23.1 — Jay Interviews a New Servant

23.1 — “Who’s this?” said Jay as Fritter and Janine brought in the evening meal on a large rolling tray.
Fritter bowed low as he wrung his hands. “Sire, this is Janie, my new assistant — trained by Col and Bee, who live down the valley in the Tulgey Woods.”
Jay studied her with a critical eye. “Let’s hope she’s better than the last one. He didn’t even taste good. Honestly, the help you get these days.”
Janine was afraid, but she stood tall and stared calmly back at the dragon.
“Can you cook and clean? Sew? Organize? I won’t have someone here who’s afraid of hard work.”
“I’m a hard worker, and yes, I can do everything required to keep your home clean, well-organized, and functioning properly.”
“Try the soup, Sire,” Fritter squeaked. “Janie made it. It’s delicious.”
Jay took the enormous spoon from the giant soup bowl and raised it to his lips. He took a sip. “Mmm. Not bad.”
He studied her. “Can you read? Just the other day I was telling Fritter how much I would enjoy having someone read a good book to me by the fire in the evening.”
“I’ve been told that I’m an excellent reader and storyteller.”
The dragon’s eyes gleamed. “Hmmm. But are you honest?”
“Then why do you wear a mask?”
Janine stared at him, shocked. “You’re not supposed to be able to see that.”
Jay reared up and hissed. “Take it off. I want to see what you’re hiding.”
Janine’s shoulders slumped. Here she was, her first day on the job, and she was going to be fired already. She reached up and pulled the mask off, then shook back her hair and glared at the dragon.
There was a terrible silence.
“You have a fey mark of protection on your forehead.”
Why wasn’t he saying anything about the warts? Janine cleared her throat. “There are a number of people who would like to see me dead. My friends would rather I remain alive and healthy.”
The dragon’s eyes narrowed. Then he took another spoonful of soup and sipped it. “Well, if your storytelling is as good as your soup, then I have no objections. I prefer to see your own face, though. If we have company or you need to go out in public, I have no objections to the mask. Otherwise you will leave it off. You humans are much too vain.”
He took a large loaf of bread from the cart, slathered it with butter, and then tossed it into his mouth. “Mmmm. Very good. I detect a hint of Tum-tum nut in the bread.”
Janine nodded. “Yes, sire. It’s Bee’s recipe.”
The dragon drained the rest of the soup from the tureen. “Well don’t just stand there, bring on the next course. I am beginning to hope I shall have a pleasant evening for a change.”
Janine curtsied. “Yes, Sire.”
She and Fritter fled from the room. Once they were in the hallway, they hugged each other and then danced around in a circle.
“I’m so glad you showed up today,” said Fritter. “You’re just what we need around here.”

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