The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch 21 — Mr. Dumfries Makes a Delivery

Ch. 21 — On a fine spring day, Joshua T. Dumfries the Eleventh drove up to Col and Bee’s cottage with his donkey and cart. Janine helped Bee pack up her latest painting and some batches of hard candy to be delivered to Small Jim’s Grocery Store in Nelsonia.
Janine had discovered that although Mr. Dumfries had good hearing, he was very near-sighted. He depended on his unusually intelligent donkey to get him safely around his route. This made Janine bolder. Sometimes she didn’t even bother wearing her mask when Mr. Dumfries came by.
Col gave the old man his list of needed supplies. “Is there anything you need, Mr. Dumfries?”
The old man scratched his chin, making his long white beard jiggle up and down. “Well, now, if you’ve got any jars of that Miracle Mix handy, I could take a few. There’s a real shortage in the city right now.”
“Oh?” Col looked irritated. “Why don’t you ask Old Cecil for some?”
“That’s just the thing. Old Cecil has disappeared. In one night his entire factory was emptied, and the book where the formula had been written down was gone too. Except for what people have stored, there’s no Miracle Mix to be found in the whole city.”
“That’s strange,” said Col. After a moment, he loaded a couple of jars into the cart.
Mr. Dumfries paid him, thanked him, and turned to Janine. “What would you like me to bring back for you, Janie, dear?”
“How about another book, where the princess saves the day.”
Mr. Dumfries shook his head. “Never knew a girl who liked to read as much as you. Never fear, I’ll get Boxlee to pick out something interesting for you. You’re his best customer.”
“Thank you, Mr. Dumfries.” Janine wished she could go into the city and pick out her own books at Boxlee’s Bookstore, but that was impossible. Even with the magic mask, she couldn’t risk it.
Bee put an arm around Janine’s shoulders. “She’s a first class storyteller too. You should hear the stories she tells.”
Janine grinned. Being able to understand birds and animals came in handy. Many an evening had been filled with her tales about the inhabitants of the Tulgey Woods.
“Well, so long,” said Mr. Dumfries. “Giddy up, Bernie. You’re a lazy old thing today, aren’t you?”
The donkey brayed sadly. “I’m going, I’m going. You don’t have to yell.”
Janine stood in the middle of the road and watched the donkey cart until it was out of sight. Why was that donkey so sad?
A great restlessness seized her.

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