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My Favorite Books for 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s time to reveal my favorite books for the year. Please note that I post all the books I like on Goodreads (not all the books I read, just the ones I like) so if you want a more complete list, check my page there or the link above. These are the top 25 books for 2017 (not in any particular order):

Veritus – by Quinn Coleridge

The Paper Magician – by Charlie N. Holmberg

Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry – by Rosalie K. Fry

Pimpernel: Royal Ball – by Sheralyn Pratt

Love Remains – by Sarah M. Eden

The Austen Escape – by Katherine Reay

Huckleberry Hearts – by Jennifer Beckstrand

The Blue Sword – by Robin McKinley

The Girl Who Drank the Moon – by Kelly Barnhill

Mile 21 – by Sarah Dunster

Seventh Son – by Orson Scott Card

The Moon Stands Still – by Sibella Giorello

Shadows – by Robin McKinley

A Long Time Gone – by Karen White

The War that Saved My Life – by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

In Between – by Jenny B. Jones

The Amish Widower – by Virginia Smith

Pimpernel – by Sheralyn Pratt

Misery Loves Company – by Rene Gutteridge

Twilight – by Stephenie Meyer

The Moon Stands Still – by Sibella Giorello

Walk of Infamy – by Sheralyn Pratt

The Cabinet of Wonders – by Marie Rutkoski

The Sixth Power – by Carol Nicolas

The Sea Child – by Carol Nicolas

(Yeah, it’s not modest of me to put my books in there, but hey, I did enjoy rereading them, so why not? Maybe you will too.)

And the winner for 2017 is…

Love Remains – by Sarah M. Eden. Although other books on the list wowed me and were well written, with clever plots and vivid characters, Love Remains touched my heart. This is a deeply moving story, and I cried when I read it. Thank you, Sarah Eden!

Thank you to all the authors out there who work so hard to give us such wonderful stories. I look forward to a new year of reading in 2018. Happy writing, and happy reading.





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