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Book Review: Veritus by Quinn Coleridge

Hester Grayson is a blind, albino young woman from 1892. She cannot speak, and she is at the mercy of a wealthy father who despises her and a socialite mother who doesn’t have time for her. Her days roll on in unending monotony, her only companion a maid who tries to be kind but doesn’t understand her either. Does this sound like the beginning of a Helen Keller story? Think again.
Hester has magical powers that allow her to telepathically communicate with her sweetheart, Tom Craddock – a farm boy her father would never approve of. She has a job given by Death himself — to help the spirits of murder victims to cross to the other side by bringing their killers to justice. Hester sneaks out at night, and with Tom’s help, gathers clues. By touching a person’s skin she is able to observe scenes from their lives. Her current case — a young woman brutally murdered – is particularly tough, for an evil force has come to Stonehenge and is determined to break her by any means possible. Everything she loves is taken from her, and her only ally is the doctor who teaches her sign language.
This book was fascinating and well-written. Not only is it a glimpse into the realities of being blind, but Quinn Coleridge spins an amazing story. Hester is a believable, likeable, well-rounded character with flaws and strengths. Her job is creepy, yet she does it with determination and great courage. The plot keeps twisting as Quinn struggles against overwhelming odds to survive and bring a killer to justice.
This book goes on my Best Books of 2017 list. Five stars. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. Great job, Quinn!

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