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Book Review: Pimpernel: Royal Ball

Pimpernel: Royal Ball – by Sheralyn Pratt — Five Stars
Wow, I mean wow. Sheralyn Pratt’s books keep getting better. I read all of the Rhea Jensen series and loved them. Pimpernel is the first book in this series, where much more is revealed about the world in which the characters live and who they are fighting. I loved Claire, with her genius and problems. The story was cleverly done, and I enjoyed it immensely, but Pimpernel: Royal Ball is even better. The twists of the ongoing plot just keep coming.
Claire Ramsey is in love with Jack Cavanaugh, a man known as the Pimpernel — a magician who fights against an evil organization that has infiltrated almost every aspect of the modern world. A year ago Jack rescued Claire from a life of crime, and she is only beginning to understand what he and his companions do. One night will change everything. Claire goes to a royal ball dressed in the most exquisite dress she’s ever imagined. She has no idea about the many layers of intrigue or the real identity of the people in attendance. Her future and her relationship with Jack hang in the balance, and it all hinges on the answer to one question.

I recommend reading Pimpernel first. Actually, go back and read all of them. They are so worth it!
Pimpernel: Royal Ball definitely goes into my best books of the year list for 2017.

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