The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 11.4 — The Fight

Ch. 11.4 — Janine’s sister stood in the doorway. Princess Zelda Mary was stunningly beautiful. Her long, golden hair curled in perfect ringlets, and rosebuds twined in a circlet around her head. Zelda had smooth skin, blue eyes and full red lips, and her long canary-yellow gown shimmered and rustled when she moved.
“Seven years of bad luck on top of everything,” said Zelda. “You really must learn to control that temper of yours.”
“Like my luck has been so great thus far,” Janine muttered. She looked up at her sister. “Why on earth do you want me at the ball? I’ll just be a distraction.”
Zelda’s trilling, silvery laugh made Janine’s stomach tighten. “How better to compare my beauty than to have Warty Wanda sitting near me?”
Janine’s fists clenched. She was so tired of the taunts, the cruel jabs from the royal cousins, and jokes that she was sure Zelda had instigated. “You take that back.”
Zelda laughed again. “Oh, Janine, don’t be so serious all the time. I was just teasing.”
“Sure you were.”
“What did you say?” Zelda eyes narrowed. Her hand twitched back, as if she meant strike her.
For a few seconds, Janine couldn’t move as Zelda’s hatred poured over her like tar. The air in her lungs froze, and her heart hammered.
At that moment, the hound leaped in front of Janine and curled his lips so his long incisors were showing. His hackles were raised, and he let out a low growl. “Don’t you dare hurt my girl, or I’ll bite you.”
Janine took a deep breath and shook her head, the moment of fear gone.
Zelda stepped back. “Get that horrid dog away from me.”
Freddie began to bark. “Get out! Get out now! Never come back!” He was a brave hound in spite of his small size. He snarled and took a stiff legged step towards Zelda.
Zelda gasped and backed through the open doorway. She opened her mouth to scream.
Janine knew that if the grown-ups got involved, she would lose. “Oh, no you don’t.” She leaped forward and grabbed Zelda by the arm, intending to yank her back into the room and close the door.
Zelda began to scream, kick, punch, and claw at Janine, who hung on with one hand, and fended off blows with the other, all the while trying to kick the door closed. Although Zelda was bigger and heavier than her, Janine was wiry, fast, and strong. Her fist connected with Zelda’s cheek, and her sister yowled. The dog danced around them, barking furiously. In the tussle that followed, somehow Zelda was actually bitten.
Zelda cried out and stood still. Janine let go of her and stepped back, panting, horrified as blood ran down her sister’s arm.
Freddie gagged. “Yuck. Her blood tastes awful.”
Zelda pressed a handkerchief to the wound. Her smile made Janine shiver. “You’ll pay for this,” she said in a low voice.
Then she ran out into the hallway. “My arm!” Zelda screamed. “Guards! I’ve been bitten by a mad dog.” Then she slid to the floor in a faint.
Boots thundered on the stairs.

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