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Book Review: Huckleberry Hearts

Book Review: Huckleberry Hearts – by Jennifer Beckstrand:
What a beautiful story! I have enjoyed all of Jennifer Beckstrand’s books, and I’m always glad to see Anna and Felty Helmuth up to their matchmaking tricks. This time their efforts are for their granddaughter Cassie, who has left the Amish way of life and is studying art history. When Anna meets the handsome doctor, Zach Reynolds, she knows she has found the perfect match for Cassie. However, Cassie’s mother and brothers want her safely back in the fold, and they’ll stop at nothing to get her there. Meanwhile, Zach wonders if he’ll ever be able to rise above his past and win Cassie’s trust and her heart.

I loved this book! Jennifer’s characters are so vibrant. I closed the book feeling as if I’d found some new best friends. It was romantic and sweet, yet still dealt with real issues and problems. Huckleberry Hearts explores the meaning of real love through the relationship of Cassie and Zach, and it contrasts the love of a grandmother who allows her granddaughter to be herself and find her own path in life, and the behavior of Cassie’s family, whose actions are in the name of love but hurt her deeply. This is also a story about the healing power of forgiveness. Beautifully told, Jennifer. Thanks!
This is #6 in the Huckleberry series. Five stars.


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